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    Looking for Boat Trailer

    Looking a used boat trailer for a 25’ O’Day. Fin keel. I’m located in Michigan. Willing to drive to a certain extent
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    Looking for trailer in NC

    Good Captains, I am looking for a trailer to rent from a private individual in North Carolina or surrounding states to move my O'Day 25 from NC to Louisiana. We would only need it for about 4 days, and I will ensure that all of my papers are in order. If you have a trailer, I am willing to go...
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    1970s-1980s Hunter 25 - Bilge Help?!?!

    Just purchased a 1980 Hunter 25; am fixing some odds and ends and gearing up for maiden voyage. I have a question regarding the bilge. It has a small bilge area in the cabin accessed by two wood panels; there is no pump on this boat (and from the old schematics it didnt come with one from the...