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    Thanks. Cheers, Mike
  • MacGregor 26s
    Mike -- Forgive me. My Chief Engineer has been working other tasks. ChrisHana's sole, cabin table, and interior bulk heads are teak veneer. I...
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    Mike -- Sorry for slow reply. I've had my Chief Engineer on other tasks. He used a product called Ultimate Sole, which I am unable to locate...
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    Hi there. My daughter has a 1982 C-30 with the plain factory interior deck. What material did you use on your "beautiful" deck? How tough was...
  • MacGregor 26s
    Is that real teak or Nautiteak or Flexiteak? My daughter has a 1982 Catalina 30 with the plain light beige flooring and was wondering if that...

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Free Spirit

Free Spirit

  • RAD
  • Feb 2, 2009
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