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  1. Kent + Jane Overbeck

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    I have a C-22 that is now stored under a pole barn. It will not get wet except from blowing mist, fog or dew. The boat now has it's pop top open with a screen mesh cover. My question is, should I leave the boat as is to allow air flow or bring the pop top down and close up the boat for the Winter. I don't have any electric power to run a heater etc. Our temps through the Winter can be as low as 5 degrees but usually in the 20's or low 30's.

    Thanks for your input, Kent

  2. celticwinds


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    I would close the boat up for the winter. If you can open the forward hatch and let some air circulate through the boat every now and then throughout the winter this would be good to let moisture escape. Remove any water from storage tanks also. I live in Tenn. and know what you mean about the weather. I don`t think I would leave the boat open though.

  3. CaptDon01


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    When we lived back in Kansas, we normally stored our C-22 inside, closed up. Never had any problems with mold or moisture,(did a good wipedown with Mr Clean, or another similar cleaner). We took all the cushions out and stored them at home. We scattered moth balls in the bottom of the hull to keep the mice out during the winter so they wouldn't chew on the wiring.

    I don't see why you couldn't leave the top up with the pop-top cover. But I think with our boat closed, and the moth balls slowly evaporating, it kept that smell in the boat, which maybe help keep the mice away.

    But now we don't have to put the boat away in the winter and we sail year round! :dance:


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