What, besides Sailing, is a hobby for you ?

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  1. Leeward Rail

    Leeward Rail

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    For me it is vehicles. Currently doing a frame off restoration of a truck for my wife, have 2 vintage Honda motorcycles I am restoring, and being part of my nephew's Rally racing team. We'll be racing in the Rocky Mountain Rally next weekend in Invermere B.C.

    Time to be outted.
    Waddaya also do for fun ?

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  2. Justin_NSA


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    Old vehicles are cool! I followed a guy into work this morning who was driving a restored Studebaker pickup.I'm sure he is as proud as can be! I'm a fan of most things on wheels. When you say "vintage Hondas" I feel old. My idea of vintage were my old BSA and Triumph. My "hobbies" have been keeping our vehicles running and fixing up our 100 year old house. For fun I like to cycle and work out. The joints tell me no more running.

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  3. DougM


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    When there’s no wind and I have that time available, I play golf, and not all that well!
    In the cold weather months, I spend time in my workshop. That’s been a multi year project just building storage areas and everything associated with it.

  4. JRT


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    Sailing with Family and my daughter likes the race we did last year. My son and I fly RC planes and other aircraft. My motorcycle has not been used much since kids schedule has taken over our life but it was a thing for my wife and I before kids.

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  5. Kings Gambit

    Kings Gambit

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    US Alamitos Bay
    Do people really have time for two (simultaneous) hobbies? Probably not people who work regular hours. When I’m not sailing the boat I’m usually working on it. Boating is an all-consuming hobby. But to bide time (however much there is) between sailing/boating activities and those that are not chores or work I often play chess, typically on-line. Sometimes in organized tournament play. However, chess as a full-on hobby requires the same effort as any other, including golf. One must work on the game, play frequently, study the moves, read the material, and etc.

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  6. Cowpokee


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    US Kerr Reservoir
    My wife is really into horses so we ride competitively sorting cattle. (Kind of like cutting only lots more rider interaction)
    As a result, she reciprocates by occasionally tolerating a sail with me. I am in the process of turning our 50 acres into a viable cattle operation. Sometimes out in the hay field usually during the hottest part of the summer I question my sanity and ask myself is this really fun? I currently am singlehandedly erecting a 30' X 72' hay barn. (Before the hay goes in it will double as a vintage boat restoration shop for my 1964 Allied Seawind} I really enjoy metal fabrication utilizing welding and torch cutting equipment.
    When the conditions are favorable I fly hang gliders. Not much beats the exhilaration of being up there soaring like a bird.
    In the winter months a good chess game is something I always look forward to.

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  7. jssailem


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    Kids... Gods punishment for enjoying sex.

    I love how they are so cute when they are little and smiling.
    I hate how they can mimic the characterizations of me that I would prefer did not exist.
    I love how they see the world. Until about 16-17 then I have no idea what world they are looking at.
    I hate how they grow up and demand to change everything.
    Love how they give us grandchildren that I can spoil and then return to the parents.

    Kids... is it really a love-hate-love relationship?

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  8. JRT


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    Agree all my activates are good weather ones, so it is an issue. That is also why the motorcycle has been parked a lot. My wife and I are in the teenage years with kids so the bigger boat this year was also part of our 5-10 year plan to get out and sail more and maybe get out of our lake and down the gulf coast.

  9. Kings Gambit

    Kings Gambit

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    Bavaria 38E
    US Alamitos Bay
    So, I think a full-on hobby is more than any ordinary past-time activity such as TV watching, or other passive activity. People do crafts, gardening, join chamber music ensembles, join choirs, start and play in bands; build, collect, or write stuff, go camping, hiking, biking, horseback riding, play sports, rifle range, hunt, skate, workout, swim, etc. But, I don’t know about watching the grandkids?:doh:

  10. agprice22


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    US Watkins Glen
    Guitar, singing, my band, cycling, electronics, fixing/upgrading my boats...

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  11. LeslieTroyer


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    Making sawdust, embedded computing.

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  12. RussC


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    I've always enjoyed restoring/building cars, mostly muscle cars. so when I sold my business and retired in 2012 I really went crazy on that for a few years.
    I first fully restored a wreaked 64 Corvette, then a 62 Corvette that I restored and installed an injected 350 and 6 speed from a 90 Vette (I've kept that car), built a 59 Bel Air resto mod (LS1 - 6 speed). then built a T bucket, from the ground up, with Cadillac Northstar motor and 5 speed, a 64 Fairlane 1/4 miler, a Fiero that I put a 377 Chevy motor in, and a couple others. I finally got that pretty much out of my system and now mostly just play with boats exclusively. my fingernails stay cleaner and my back doesn't hurt near as much ;) . Then last year my daughter and I met for the first time in 42 years and my life changed forever. she's a beautiful girl inside and out, and I have two grandsons that my current wife and I adore as well. so life is good!
    My dad (97), me, my daughter and two grandsons (17 & 9)

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  13. Hydro Therapy

    Hydro Therapy

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    I’m not sure if it counts but I consider working on my boat a hobby. I’m a surfing junky and have been into it since the age of 14, currently 53. I surf year long and actually prefer the winter cold water. Surfing is what started my love affair with water.

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  14. SFS


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    For us, it's pickleball (though I guess that's exercise not hobby), scuba diving, and travel (we are currently in Europe for 7 months). All of those are easier with the boat gone.

    However, once back home, it is likely that working on boats will start again. My brother has moved to Florida, and is looking for a project.

  15. Benny17441


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    My main hobby is being able to do work or not to do work when I feel like it. My motto is now, Manana.

  16. kloudie1


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    I like working on stuff, lawnmowers to cars.. I used to motorcycle quite a bit but at age 58, I noticed two things.. one, my reactions were slowing and two, automobile drivers are MUCH more unconscious than they used to be; I stopped riding. I love to work on motorcycles.. I used to fly and work on sailplanes but not much activity here in Louisiana.. When the wind got a bit high for sailplanes, one of the club members had a Lightning that we'd take out on the local lake.. That is how I got hooked on sailing boats..

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  17. Serenity on Hudson

    Serenity on Hudson

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    Skiing in the winter while admiring the boat on it's trailer in the yard. Gardening between sails during the summer to assure a goodly supply of Jerzy Tomatoes.

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  18. SFS


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    US Tampa Bay
    Ah, tomatoes in the summer. That's important work, right there. Along with homemade peach ice cream.

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  19. Bill19233


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    Luckily I can combine my photography hobby (still & video) with sailing.
    And I dabble in woodworking and offbeat projects around the house. One of the last projects before all my spare time between job and the boat was taken up by Hurricane Harvey repair was our Key West style sign post we made and put up by the pool.

    The signs are to all the places we've managed to visit around the country and world. So that would make travel another hobby, too.

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  20. Justin_NSA


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    Hunter 30T
    US Cheney, KS
    Nice Bill :thumbup:
    How is Flickr different from other site like Photobucket? I can't link and share with my free account.

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