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Water tank size on C&C 30 MK I? / Where to mount solar panels?

Discussion in 'C&C' started by nycswashbuckler, May 16, 2017 at 10:44 AM. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. nycswashbuckler


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    C&C 30 MK I
    US Larchmont
    Ahoy everyone,

    I am happy to have found this forum. Quickly about us: We sail a 1980 C&C 30 MK I out of Larchmont, NY. The owner of "Messing About" is 97 years old and regularly goes out with us, but we two friends actually maintain and sail the boat for and with him. We do as much work ourselves as possible. The boat has some racing history and is in good shape, engine rebuilt 2 years ago, and basically all systems are redone through the last 10 years.

    Here I have two questions for the C&C community:
    1) Do you know the size of the standard water tank under the starboard settee?
    2) Where and how would you mount a small solar panel permanently? It has only a size of about 8 3/4 by 4. 3/4 inches.

    Thanks, I am looking forward to your answers, and if I can help you, just holler!

  2. MccNeo


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    MacGregor 26S
    US Evans, Ga Evans
    I have a 1975 C&C 30 Mk 1. I took ownership of Nine Dragons in October 2016. She needs some TLC but I enjoy working on my boats as much as sailing them. I was told both fresh water tanks are 20 gallons. I also know my tanks are interconnected with tubing and a ball valve to provide tank isolation / water sharing if need be. My inspection of the starboard midships tank indicates it does appear to be approximately 20 gallons.

    I have considered mounting a solar panel on my ship. My consideration would be to mount it on the aft rail just to starboard from the centerline to avoid conflict with the boarding ladder. This would also allow ready access through the lazarette to route cabling to the batteries on the port side near the front end of the cockpit.

    I have found relatively sparse informationm on the internet for construction and model information. Also, the forums do not seem as populated for the C&C as for some other models.

    I do nearly all of my own work. I would enjoy the opportunity to share knowledge and gain from your experiences.

  3. nycswashbuckler


    Joined Apr 26, 2015
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    C&C 30 MK I
    US Larchmont
    Hi MccNeo,
    thanks for your quick answer.
    Re tank: 20 gals sounds about right. Unfortunately for our occasional cruising, the previous owner, a racer, took the bow tank out. We still have the connecting hoses rigged.
    Re solar panel: Thanks, and I completely forgot to mention that the solar panel is only a tiny 2W trickle charger/maintainer (with explains the size of less than a letter sheet). We use it only to keep the battery alive while we are not aboard.
    1) For now, it is rigged just temporarily with bungee chords on top and at the end of the boom for maximum light exposure, and feed the electrical chord with ball toggles down the main sheet into the port lazarette and via the electronic box to the starter battery.
    2) I consider a second temporary solution with white velcro on the cabintop just over the companionway slider, but there the boom's shadow would impede the panel output and it would be hard to keep the electrical chord fixed and out of the way. I just don't like obstructing stuff on deck.
    3) A perfect spot would be on that small mast box just ahead of the mast. I even could run the able concealed under deck to the battery, but the cable isn't long enough. I think at a standard output of 250mA I shouldn't expand the chord towards the battery because the voltage falloff would be too harmful.
    Re info: Check out - if you don't know it yet. It's a treasure trove of information for all C&C models. There is also an active group of sailors who communicate about pretty much anything C&C, and there are some knowledgeable old salts in the group. Which is also the biggest setback and my only grieve: Instead of using a contemporary forum software they insist on some stone age listserv method which is absolutely impossible to navigate. The only way for me to find something is to download a whole year's archive and search with in the text. But after a while I gave up communicating directly with the group, since there are some few folks who are outright hostile, rude and proud of it. I don't need this in my life, I'd rather share my knowledge and my hobby with likeminded people in a peaceful, constructive, and enriching way.
    On parts: I found that Canada-based has a lot of specialized C&C parts, like stanchion bases, cove stripe symbols etc. pp. But you need to be a bit patient - packages are often being held, for up to two weeks, at US Customs.
    Re info and help: I am happy to help out with documentation and advice as much as I can, am happy to send stuff by PM and to contribute and discuss here in the forum. If you have some specific questions, just ask. The only problem is I'm never hanging out much on forums and probably don't get wind of it when someone asks a question. I have to find out yet how to be kept into the loop here on this forum without being overwhelmed by too many irrelevant (and 6 feet long) posts, which made the CnCphotoalbum forum such a nightmare to subscribe to. So I guess I will subscribe to the C&C forum here and see how it goes.

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