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water based anti fouling paint

Discussion in 'Ask All Sailors' started by sailor5017, Apr 15, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. sailor5017


    Joined Jun 26, 2004
    135 posts, 7 likes
    Hunter 41DS
    US Point Roberts
    We are having bottom of our boat (hunter 41DS ) stiipped and recoated with epoxy barrier coatings. We are considering going to water based antifouling paint. The boat is in NW washington and Canadian waters. I am wondering how the water based paint has worked for other boaters. Does it work as well micron 66 ? will it last a year or two?. or should I stick with the micron type bottom paint Thanks in advcance.

  2. Knotallthere


    Joined Sep 12, 2015
    42 posts, 4 likes
    2002 Hunter 356
    Ca Oakville
    Hi sailor5017,
    I've used Aquagraud in freshwater and have been very pleased with the product so far, easy to use and clean up is simple. This will be my third year and I'm only going to touch up a few areas before we splash the boat. Another benefit is a plastic can and you can store and reuse the product at a future time. Your results might vary in salt water. Good luck with the bottom job.

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  3. leo310


    Joined Dec 15, 2006
    75 posts, 25 likes
    Catalina Catlina 310
    CA Campbell River BC
    I have used micron 66 with no problems and has lasted 2+ years

  4. Captain Larry-DH

    Captain Larry-DH

    Joined Jun 14, 2010
    351 posts, 122 likes
    Quorning Dragonfly 1200
    US home
    I've used Pettit Hydrocoat (original formula with copper) and get satisfactory results in Western Long Island Sound (a very high fouling area). I have also used Micron 66 and it is much more effective, in salt water, but you cannot ever bring Micron 66 into fresh or brackish water or it will fail (deactivate and lose adhesion). I occasionally go up rivers, so Micron 66 is out of the question for me. The Hydrocoat is also much less expensive and is low VOC during application.

  5. Evan656


    Joined Feb 5, 2015
    21 posts, 0 likes
    O'Day 302
    CA Ottawa
    I can second what Knotallthere wrote. Aquaguard in fresh water performed well for me for three seasons. Going to recoat for this summer. Goes on like any other ablative and easy cleanup.

  6. dscribner


    Joined Nov 9, 2008
    1,329 posts, 41 likes
    Pearson-O'Day 290
    US Portland Maine
    I've used HydroCoat on one boat and SeaHawk Monterey on my bigger boat. Both applied quickly and easily: cleaned up the same way. In the water both performed very well. After 4 months of immersion in the Atlantic, I had a bit of slime on the hull but that was it. Well, a bit of a patchy, green hula skirt at the waterline but that was adhered to gelcoat. Both are multi-year ablatives.

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