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War Thunder ground forces

Discussion in 'Sails Call Lounge' started by Bosman, Feb 13, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Bosman


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    Anyone indulged in RB battles? Could use a squad mate every now and then. [​IMG]

  2. Will Gilmore

    Will Gilmore

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    What is RB? This is a FPS?
    Just curious, I only have early Saturday mornings and I have a friend in Turkey I get together with in Los Santos.

    - Will (Dragonfly)

  3. Bosman


    Joined Oct 24, 2010
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    Solina 27
    CA Wabamun, Alberta
    RB stands for Realistic Battles. It is one of the game modes, when all the enemy spotting, aim, gun elevation is very much manual...and fun.
    What differentiates this game from others is it's vehicles models and damage simulation. Each vehicle is historically accurate not only in terms of appearance, but also in armour thickness and its slope, vehicle behaviour - speed, turret rotation speed, gun elevation speed, crew, modules position (crew, drivertrain, engine, ammunition storage) as well as damage model for every ammunition type that was available for given vehicle. It is possible to have simultaneous ground attack with air battles (dog fights), close air support etc. While other games uses points system for damage (for example a hit will take away so many health points), in this game a vehicle may take no damage (ordinance fired may not penetrate armour) or it will ricochet or will penetrate armour and inflict damage based on ammo type... Having put together many of the tanks/planes from the game (1:72 or 1:35 scale models), build dioramas etc in my early years long time ago this is like a good deja vu for me ;-)
    The video below very much shows the essence of RB. If you have a few minutes to waste, sit down and enjoy ;-)

    This video shows the idea of squadron with player-to-player in game communication

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