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VHF Radios and Engine parts dont mix.

Discussion in 'SSB and Ham Operators' started by pateco, Jan 9, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. pateco


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    So here is what happens when one of your son's friends manages to knock your radio off the charger while the engine top cover is off. 20 minutes later when couldn't find the radio, and smelled some burning plastic from the engine bay. I looked for it. I couldn't find it in the dark that evening so the next day I opened up the whole engine cover and found it wedged between the crank pulley and the block.
    2018-01-09 08.18.44.jpg

    I had to go out and spend another $24 for a new one. At least now I have two chargers and an extra battery.
    2017-12-31 17.43.18.jpg

    Now I think I need to move my charging station from over the engine bay by the breaker panel to the chart table away from the engine. Just need to add a couple of cigarette lighter outlets, and maybe some USB jacks to the cabinetry above the chart table. We usually leave the two portable VHF radios and a blue tooth speaker charging while away from the boat, and multiple phones while underway. They will be running off of the Accessory Breaker. What gauge wire would you recommend for these outlets?

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  2. Brian D

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    Dang... Glad I have an outboard. But now we know why we have radios that cost $24. :) I am expecting a rebuttal about cheap radios and spectral interference. ;)

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  3. Kermit


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    Sorta like this?

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  4. jssailem


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    Chip. I would say your old radio is:
    "Kind of Groovy"
    Feeling the Groove...
    You got that Groovy feeling?

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