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TV in Catalina 310

Discussion in 'Catalina 310' started by FlyorSail, Jun 21, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. FlyorSail


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    Catalina 310
    202 Aloha US Carlyle, IL
    Aloha, I recently acquired a Catalina 310 and want to install a T.V. There is a TV power switch on my electrical panel, but I don't know where that provides the power to. Also, I've seen a swivel mount in other 310s for the T.V. Is there a Catalina OEM mount?

    I appreciate any help. Thanks!

  2. Sailm8


    Joined Feb 21, 2008
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    Hunter 29.5
    US Punta Gorda
    I don't know the answer for sure but Catalina direct is a good place to start.

  3. Joe


    Joined Jun 1, 2004
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    Catalina 27
    US Mission Bay, San Diego
    If it's a regular house current tv, look for a 120v outlet. If the tv switch is on you shore power panel that would be a hint. If the switch is on your 12 volt panel, then it might be rigged to an inverter. Or it could be set up for a 12 volt tv. If you're only going to watch when you're tied up at a dock.... just install a regular 120 tv and plug in to an appropriate socket. Anything more than that will require more equipment. If you're jonesing to watch movies when not plugged in to shore power... most folks use the laptop now for that.
    In any event, start at the panel and follow the wires.... they should be tagged if properly installed.

  4. Cat 310 #1 in GA

    Cat 310 #1 in GA

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    Catalina 310
    US St. Simons
    Most small 19" TVs can be set up for either 120 or 12 volt. I just changed mine from 120 (thru an inverter) to 12V to conserve battery power and it was simple...just need to have power and a cord. There is a swivel mount for tv that i thought was standard so you can watch in the salon or in bed.

  5. Tom J

    Tom J

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    Catalina 310
    US Quincy, MA
    If I remember correctly, the tv breaker is 12v. My boat didn't come with the optional swivel mount with tv, so I ended up using the tv breaker for a cabin fan. I did mount a tv with built in DVD player on the aft port bulkhead of the saloon. This location works for us, since the tv is visible from the settees and the master berth. The tv is 120v and plugs in to the receptacle just above the storage cabinet on the port side of the saloon. We can run it at anchor by plugging in a small inverter to a 12v receptacle I installed under the port settee.

  6. Alansails


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    Anam Cara Catalina 310 Hull #155
    US Lake Erie/Catawba Island
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