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Trying to get my Hunter 19-1 back on the lake.... some questions

Discussion in 'Ask A Hunter Owner' started by garybeck, Aug 27, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. garybeck


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    hunter 19-1
    us Lake Champlain, VT
    I have had this Hunter 19-1 ( sitting in my driveway for 13 years. I am trying to get it back on the water.
    I have experience sailing, mainly on my Sunfish, but not on bigger boats (i realize this is a small boat for a lot of you). I don't know all the terminology, so my apologies ahead of time.
    One question is in regards to all the drains and plugs. In the stern there are bunch of drains but no plugs and I think I need to get a plug for a couple of them to keep the hull (or deck) from filling up.
    Here are a couple photos to clarify what I'm looking at



    Regarding Drain 1, it is obviously to drain water from the deck. The hole on the inside of the deck is directly opposite the hole on the outside. However, any water that is inside the deck and goes out drain 1 will drop directly into the hull and not drain out of the boat via drain 1 on the outside. I'm thinking there used to be a tube connecting Drain 1 on the inside to Drain 1 on the outside so the water can directly drain out of the boat? If so I will need to replace that tube. What is that called, so I can find one? And would I plug drain ! when I'm in the water so it can't come in via the drain?

    In regards to Drain 2 on the inside. it is just a hole, with no flashing. it just goes from the deck to the hull. doesn't seem like a good thing, for any water in the deck to just drain into the hull. Should I plug that up?

    Drain 2 on the outside... is from the hull and it is at the bottom of the boat. It seems that water would come into the hull fairly quickly through this hole, as soon as the boat hits the water. Am I missing something? I should keep this plugged until i get out of the water, correct?

    Any help on this is much appreciated! And you just might prevent my boat from sinking!

    thanks VERY much!
    gary in vermont

  2. Solarfy


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    US MDR
    Bottom hole is the bilge drain. There should be a screw on plug. You can get one online or at local boating junk stores.
    The upper hole is the cockpit drain. You can use a kayak holes rubber plug to plug it, if water flushes in when aboard. Some boats floors are high enough that water does not flow back in.

    Both plugs look same. I would suggest removing one and taking it to the local boat supply store. You should be able to get the same exact part new for both holes.

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  3. Crazy Dave Condon

    Crazy Dave Condon

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    That boat was sold in the end as a kit boat till 1985, so Sailboat Data is wrong on the date. As for the drains, the one exiting to the rear of the boat or transom,cockpit drain, is correct. The other is one drilled by a damn idiot. That needs to be fixed. The other on the bottom exiting from the hull, it was put there in the event that water got into the hull without a bilge pump which some put in afterwards. It is like those seen in daysailors but missing a plug to seal it with. Essentially you drain the boat when it is out of the water and reinstall the plug. Order a new entire plug and fitting which will match your hole. There were several sizes of the threads on the drain and you do not know which one you have. Does not cost much. Look at the outside shape of that cover plate when doing your search as you can get them from this site store or other outlets. As for the cockpit drain, you can either replace it with a plug of sorts or purchase a drain bail plug that is adjustable and whatever you do when the boat is on the trailer or not in use if in the water, remove that plug to allow water to drain. If on the trailer, make sure the trailer is jacked up high on the front so that will allow the water to drain.
    @Solarfy It is the same set up for your American 18 to allow water to drain out of the hull after a sail with no bilge pump. I know the plug all too well. Use to be also a dealer and very close friends with the Stantons who operate American Sail and I know your boat too.

  4. garybeck


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    hunter 19-1
    us Lake Champlain, VT
    thank you this is all helpful! i'm heading to west marine this afternoon and see what I can come up with.