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  1. lostintime


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    Spring is coming and I would love to make better headway under power this seasaon.

    1976 Cal30 with Atomic 4 (engine runs strong). The stats in the manual indicate 25hp @3000 rpm. I'm sure age has reduced that statistic somewhat. I have what I believe to be the original two blade prop on the boat. Markings on the prop are 12RH7. It is also stamped with 3 76 (I think that's month and year), "Grand Rapids Mich", and the word "SAILOR" (yes its in all caps). My research is leading me to a three blade 13x10 prop.

    Any thoughts

    Also, where the heck can I find a used prop?

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  2. LeslieTroyer


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    Campbell Sailor if you want a 3 blade prop. They will help you size it. Best fixed blade for a sailboat.

    IIRC they are made on Vancouver Island BC Canada

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  3. jssailem


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    Good morning @lostintime .
    As my good friend @LeslieTroyer has suggested... The Campbell Sailor is a great prop for the objective you have identified. If one can be in love with a prop... the Campbell Sailor I installed last year is my new girlfriend.

    Kelsey runs the shop. Look up the info at WestbyNorth.com
    Send him your particulars and he will help you identify the prop you need. Really helped me.

  4. Ted


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    You might consider making better headway while powering AND sailing by considering a folding prop. The Flex-O-Fold props are worth a look. They perform well in forward and reverse and will reduce drag when sailing. I assume you sail more than you power so why would you only want to increase performance part time? (Other than cost) Money very well spent in my opinion.

  5. Justin_NSA


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  6. lostintime


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    Sadly, I am constricted by budget. Also, this will likely not be my last boat. I'm less concerned with the impending drag I'll get from a three blade because when I am sailing I am in no hurry, and I am frequently NOT doing everything I can to make the boat go faster. I am more likely to be nursing a beer and watching the sun sparkle off the water while Gordon tells me a tale about a freighter that sank in a storm on Lake Superior. However, I need the thrust when I am trying to get up the Detroit river against a 5-knot current or to convert the trip to Put In Bay from 6 hours to 4.5.

    I would love to find a used prop.

  7. Gunni


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    That sounds like a Michigan Wheel 12” diameter, right hand prop pitched to 7”. Don’t think you would want to over pitch a gasoline propulsion system. Measure the shaft bore and any key way, call Michigan Wheel with the prop in hand and see what they suggest. You can probably find a used prop online, for some reason eBay seems to be full of used props.

  8. lostintime


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    Thanks Gunni. Exactly the type of information I was searching for. I'll call them in the morning.

  9. jon hansen

    jon hansen

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    you also can have your two bladed prop repitched. your right up the road from me. Erie propeller service, about 40 miles south, on the north side of toledo. it's worth a call to them to se what you can do. because the fewer blades means more efficient the prop.

  10. Kingjim91


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  11. lostintime


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    Catalina 30
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    Thanks King, That was some good reading. Nice price too! That might be the winner.

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