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Thoughts on Marlow-Hunter direction?

Discussion in 'Ask A Hunter Owner' started by smackdaddy, Aug 11, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. smackdaddy


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    That 2014 37 has a nice looking interior...
    But back to the strange angle on the marketing - this 37 apparently has the typical balsa coring on the deck. But this is what M-H is now saying for the 42SS...

    "Kevlar is 9-10 times as strong as generic fabrics, and the hull and deck coring of NIDA CORE, invented for the aviation industry of polypropylene honeycomb, is seven times as strong in impact tests compared to the highest grades of Balsa without absorbing one drop of moisture within its lifetime, unlike Balsa which will act as a sponge over time, leading to rot, mold and delamination as is well recorded in shipyard maintenance records. In fact Marlow considers Balsa an unacceptable choice for any usage within a yacht worthy of the name based on fifty years in the marine industry experience."

    I don't understand why you'd want to shoot down all the other boats in your own line. Gotta be a better way to make that point.

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  2. JamesG161


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    And for you in-mast furling sailors, note they are still installing them and the boom is at an upward angle on boat pictured in post #34.;)

    I noted a more aerodynamic shape to the keel. Looks like less drag.

  3. jeff356


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    Maybe to a bigger point of the Marlow-Hunter direction is their dealer presence, or lack of. Have a neighbor at my marina that has a older (1985) Hunter 27 and is looking to upgrade to a larger boat, possibly 31'. Called MH to inquire about a Chesapeake Bay Hunter dealer and was told the new strategy was to direct sale from the factory with no dealer network presence, at least on the Chesapeake and believe on the East Coast. Friend is now exploring Catalina 310, Hanse, etc.
    Also there was no Hunter presence at the Annapolis 2016 Sailboat show and do not see them as an exhibitor at the 2017 show.
    Designs might be nice but if you can't sell them, what good are they?

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  4. Mikem


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    Hmmm. So who then would commission the boat and what would the warranty support entail???

  5. Crazy Dave Condon

    Crazy Dave Condon

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    Good Point Mikem and I think you are correct they will not be at Annapolis.

  6. gettinthere


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    they're gonna sell em on amazon. And deliver em with a drone.

  7. Bob R.

    Bob R.

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    US Pasadena, MD
    I am a little late jumping into this thread, but wanted to confirm that Marlow-Hunter is still building and selling sailboats. I just put a deposit down on a factory direct purchase of a new MH40 last week. I met with David Marlow last January at his boat yard on Snead Island near Palmetto, FL to see the new MH42SS. I spent an entire day with him inspecting the 42SS and discussing an evolving business plan to continue building sailboats for a very different market than the one that started falling apart after about 2009. David appears to be committed improving the design and build quality of the Marlow-Hunter sailboat line and finding a way to work directly with customers. The 42SS is a beautiful boat that uses the same hull as the MH40 with a new deck and cockpit and a new interior layout. The cockpit is shorter than the 40's, but beamier with seating set up all around in an oval shape. I did not like the swing out stern gate, the canting helm or the lack of coming seat backs in the cockpit. I liked the single head arrangement below that enlarges the forward cabin, but did not like the galley or the salon arrangement. After spending most of a year looking at all the available 40-42 foot new boat alternatives , we decided we liked the MH40 the best (although the Catalina 425 was a close 2nd). The boat will be pre-commissioned in FL, complete with rigging, sails and electronics installed for inspection prior to shipping to Annapolis for final commissioning and sea trials by a MH factory team. I will also have the boat surveyed in Annapolis prior to final acceptance. We expect to take delivery in May.

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  8. Gene Neill

    Gene Neill

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    US central Florida
    Just curious, Bob, do you happen to know whether those windows are acrylic or polycarbonate, and how thick they are?

    Congratulations on the purchase!


  9. smackdaddy


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    Hunter 40
    US Corpus Christi
    Keep us updated during the process. It will be good to have a first-hand perspective. And make sure to tell David you DON'T want the "Monkey Fur" wallcoverings. Heh.

  10. Mikem


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    So how will warranty be handled

  11. seadaddler


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    I guess if a MH team comes out at delivery than they can send one or a team to do warranty.
    I guess less $$$ to pay a dealer and maybe send the guys who build them at the factory do
    warranty I am thinking that is how it works.
    When I was around while my dealer commissioned my 2007 H-36 and I was there almost living there every day there was a lot of man hours by the dealer putting my boat together and taking care of a few things I was not happy about and I saw about 2 pages at least of things needing taking care of.
    I had retired at the time and my stepson livid 20 minutes away and it was a ferry ride for me
    and sales man wound pick me up and I would stay at my stepson for about a week while they
    Commissioned my boat and had lunch with the workers and even got invited to go on a few other sailboats test drives,it was very interesting and a lot of fun and I got really good service
    for sure and been very happy with my H-36.

  12. Jim Beck

    Jim Beck

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    Marlow Hunter 40
    US Oriental, NC
    I am the owner of a 2015 M-H 40. Love the design, the general quality of finishes and how she sails. However, my boat, like others I've heard about, had issues with leaks around port windows which I had to have rebedded. The company has yet to pay for the repairs and I've had to come out of pocket for thousands of dollars for this and other items that should have been covered under warranty. This fact, combined with the disbanding of the dealer network, the absence of the company from boat shows, the lack of advertising and the apparent lack of meaningful sales (I know of only one other Marlow Hunter (a 37) delivered in my home state of North Carolina) makes me question the financial position of this company and/or the commitment of Marlow to the brand. I hope I am wrong because it would be a shame for this brand to disappear.

  13. Crazy Dave Condon

    Crazy Dave Condon

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    @Jim Beck
    Do you remember me sir.
    Crazy Dave alias dave condon, American Marine and Sail Send me a private message with your phone number

  14. Bob R.

    Bob R.

    Joined Jun 5, 2004
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    Hunter 356
    US Pasadena, MD
    I will post periodic updates on our experience with the factory direct purchase. I would love to get feedback and guidance from sailors that have purchased new boats. I will confirm that I had a lot of reservations about not purchasing the boat through a dealer that I trusted to represent my interests in getting any defects or problems resolved with the manufacturer. Meeting and getting to know David Marlow has given me confidence in his and Marlow-Hunter's commitment to build quality and customer satisfaction. They have been open to my requests for minor build modifications, equipment changes and commissioning. They have been very responsive to my questions and fair with pricing for the changes that I have requested.

    Gene, I do not know whether the port windows are acrylic or polycarbonate. My guess is acrylic which is what the Lewmar hatches and port lights have been in the past. I will ask next time I communicate with them.

    Mikem and Jim Beck, commissioning and warranty work have been a big concern. David M has assured me that my satisfaction with the boat is important to him and he will work with me to resolve any build quality issues that are not caught and resolved during commissioning and will help coordinate with service reps for any OEM equipment problems. I am going to hire a surveyor who is familiar with Hunter/M-H boats to do a formal survey of the boat after commissioning and before my final acceptance in Annapolis. If anyone has recommendations for a survey in the Annapolis area, I would appreciate hearing from you.

    Lets all hope an pray that Hurricane Irma does not do significant damage the M-H factory in Alachua and other marine facilities in Florida.

  15. lurker


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    One simple way to protect yourself when buying a new boat is to make acceptance conditional of independent survey. Most buyers will think this is unnecessary and that what is the warranty is for. However warranty work has no required timeline to get things done promptly. Prime sailing season can be lost dealing with an issue, or owners will pay out of pocket to get things done and try to get the money back from the manufacturer.

    Instead, having acceptance of purchase conditional on independent survey keeps the pressure on the builder. They don't get paid until things are 100% right. Additionally things like voids in glasswork, etc often aren't detected for years, (often at first required insurance survey) and most likely after the warranty has expired. This is the only way to be certain from day one that you are delivered a boat without faults that will later on need to be corrected.

    Any push-back from a dealer or manufacturer on having an independent survey as condition of purchase on a new yacht is reason enough to walk away from the deal.

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