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The Cure for the Common Cold

Discussion in 'Roger Long - Cruising on Strider' started by Roger Long, Dec 3, 2013. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Roger Long

    Roger Long

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    US Portland, Maine
    I mentioned in Chris Patterson’s thread below that, among my few modest accomplishments in life, I count discovery of the cure for the common cold. “Rtshinn” then asked for the formula.

    It doesn’t surprise me that only one person has asked since, whenever I mention this discovery at a party, someone knows why it wouldn’t work and can quote a study that disproves the effectiveness of the main ingredient. Also, the fact that I mentioned this in a post about hacking my lungs out for nearly two weeks may not be the most effective testimonial for the regimen. However, this is the first severe cold I have had in nearly two decades (except when caught without cure materials on hand) and there are some extenuating circumstances.

    I left my cold “emergency kit” on Strider and Dreameagle and I were stricken together after the natural food stores were closed so I had to use substitute ingredients which have never worked quite as well as my standard formula. Despite the lower strength, she recovered enough that the doctors did not have any concerns about putting her under general anesthesia. I’m sure that, if she hadn’t been subjected to the system insults of an abdominal operation, the cold would not have re-established itself.

    As two why I have been reduced to a shadow of my former self and am just beginning to climb back to health, this chest virus is a bit more virulent than the typical cold. I expect that I picked up a big viral load in the packed bowels of Penn Station while waiting for my train north. I ‘m sure I transferred just a bit of the virus to Dreameagle when she picked me up at the station. We must have gotten it at the same time since we fell sick within an hour of each other a couple days later.

    This cure is only effective if started at the very earliest awareness of that tickle in the throat and that flushed over tired feeling which tells you the next few days are going to suck. If you are in stubborn denial and wait until the virus gets really established, it is too late. The scientific studies I’ve read about usually let the illness get well underway and then give only one of my ingredients. I think there is a synergistic effect in what I have found to work.

    There are few miseries like sailing and cruising with a cold and it can be a safety issue if the person sick is the one responsible for navigation and the safety of other on board. Here then is my contribution to the health and safety of my fellow cruisers: (Insert all possible variations of “Results may not be typical”, “Consult a qualified physician before putting anything in your body.” ; “Don’t sue me…Etc. etc.”)

    Echinacea Goldenseal - The extract that comes in bottles with a medicine dropper seems to work best. If only capsules are available, steep them to make tea and try to drink all of the sludge in the bottom of the cup.

    L-Lysine tablets. - This compound has an un-FDA-proven ability to block viral receptor sites according to the microbiologist who told me about it. Current bottle says, “Promotes Immune Function” but ink is cheap.
    Chewable Vitamin C tablets – I like the 500 mg citrus based ones called “Sunkist” or something like that.

    Chamomile Tea.

    At the first sign of a cold, take a dropper full of the extract in a cup of the Chamomile tea and an L-Lysine tablet at the same time. Suck on a C tablet after. Do this three or four times the first day depending on how early you start. Drink about as much tea or other liquids as you can in between and suck a couple extra C tablets. Sucking them bathes the throat tissues in C.

    I also supplement with Ricola Honey Lemon with Echinacea Throat Drops.

    If the sore throat is gaining, a toddy of Chamomile with a throat drop dissolved in it and some rum or Scotch poured in feels great.

    Back off to just a couple of doses the second day and no more than one the third. After the third day, I think you have done all you can. Just push Chamomile and other fluids.

    This regimen does not completely eliminate the cold but often turns it into just a day of slight sniffles and low energy while my over-reved immune system redirects most of my energy to virus fighting. Never, in nearly two decades, when I have followed it have I had a cold turn into the head stuffed, throat on fire nightmares of the days when I relied on over the counter stuff you see on TV. Even when the cold have lasted a few days, they have been so mild that they haven’t affected my normal activities or cruising.

    I think this current illness is the result of a stronger than usual virus, only having throat drops with a small amount of vitamin C, and dry Echinacea capsules available during the first critical day. I’ll never leave home without my cold emergency kit again.

  2. Binnacle Bat

    Binnacle Bat

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    US East of the Hudson

    Thanks for that, I have some shopping to do.

    A little off topic, but I have noticed that a lot of folks think they have a cold when they have an allergy. Ragweed comes into bloom, and they say there's a cold going around. Likewise in the spring for certain tree pollens. Most folks don't make the connection because the species that rely on wind borne pollen don't have flashy flowers, and can be a long ways to windward and still have a significant effect. End of rant.

    My wife has allergies, and he health has been 200% better since she started getting allergy shots.


  3. justsomeguy


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    "And in a week or ten days, your cold will be gone."

    Jed Clampett, espousing Granny's cold cure.

  4. Stu Jackson

    Stu Jackson

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    +1,000,000 been using it for years.

    I call it "Youth-in-Asia" :)

  5. All U Get

    All U Get

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    Yeah, but with Granny's cure you only remember two of them.

    All U Get

  6. justsomeguy


    Joined Feb 20, 2011
    6,243 posts, 765 likes
    Island Packet 35
    US Tucson, AZ/San Carlos, MX
    Good one! :laugh:

  7. Roger Long

    Roger Long

    Joined Nov 22, 2008
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    Endeavour 32
    US Portland, Maine
    Good thing to be aware of because allergies are over reaction of the immune system. Revving up your immune system with Echinacea, etc. is the last thing you want to do if it isn't a virus.

  8. elle


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    I've not tried this regimen, but will keep it on hand.

    have you used zinc tablets? I have tried the Cold-Eze which made me violently nauseated.....the CVS brand which appears to be identical except for the nausea side-effect work very well IF taken as soon as the sore throat appears ...and taken for several days after throat is better.


  9. rtshinn


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    US Seneca Lake
    Thanks Roger!
    I think it's too late for my fiance though. She started last week and has been coughing pretty heavily.
    I'll try it out if I start coming down with the symptoms

  10. Tsatzsue


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    US Charlton, MA- Trailer
    Whiskey, lemon , honey and tea. 60% of the time it work every time hahahahahha.

  11. shemandr


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    OK Roger, let's see what your formula's got. Woke up with a scratchy throat today. Heading to FL tomorrow for a much needed respite from winter. Don't want the full blown cold and I especially don't want to give it to the Mrs.!

  12. BobT


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    So how did the prescription work out?

  13. shemandr


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    Marblehead Skiff 14'
    US Greenport, NY
    Well…. not as good for me as it has been for others. You know, the results may vary thing. Maybe I was late or start, or it was a bad cold, or my immune system isn't so great. It was great to get away from winter but I was sick.
    BTW, thanks all for suggestions regarding sailing in Sanibel. Mostly posters were correct that it is limited. The Colgate school will charter for graduates of their program and were very nice to talk to about it. Even if you are not an alumni you can go out on one of the 26's if you take an instructor for a two hour minimum. If we had a longer trip, and I felt better we might have done that. Also, it might be worth taking a course to have that option. It seems likely we will return to the area over the coming years.
    We didn't get to eat at Timber's. There was a shell show going on and it was crowded. We did eat at Sweet Melissa's, which was very good. The beet salad was outstanding with fresh peppery arugula. I had little appetite but had a very tasty and eclectic pork belly, clam and Bok Choy appetizer. They have half portions which is nice since we were eating late and didn't want to feel stuffed.

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