The Adventure Begins

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    untitled-21.jpg Two years ago Jan and I moved to Connecticut and had to leave our beloved 1968 Mariner 40 (a wooden ketch) in California. We lived aboard for five years and sailed her from San Diego for another ten.

    For the past two years, we have been without a boat. Jan was tired of me mopping around the house so we just purchased a 1983 O'Day 23! She is rough but should come back with some love and some West Systems... and some help from our new friends here.

    My first book was entitled "Changing Tacks: Lessons I've Learned from an Old Wooden Boat" (shameless plug for Amazon!). The adventure has already begun as we towed our 23 down Long Island from the Hamptons, through New York City (where all of the drivers are so patient and courteous...) and back to Groton, CT.

    Our very first boat was an O'Day 222 and even though SueLee (our 23) is just sitting in the driveway, we've already fallen in love. We must look silly sitting in the cockpit dreaming of being on the water, but haven't you done the same?

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    You don't look silly at all. Good luck and have fun!

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    Welcome to the forum ! Looks like fun.. SueLee is going to be a project, but not nearly as much of one as the Mariner! Again Welcome.. Post more pictures !

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    This is a great forum with a wealth of knowledgable sailors eager to share their wisdom and stories. And if you write another book, I'd be more than happy to edit it...I'm a freelance professional.

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