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Suspected leak at rub rail on 2002 passage 456

Discussion in 'Big Boats' started by discovery, Feb 10, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. discovery


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    looking for any secrets dealing with the white plastic rub rail with the stainless insert that is screwed in at about 6 inch increments. I have developed a couple of water stains on the veneer side walls above the shelves in the main salon. I'm pretty sure it's from the hull to deck joint behind the rub rail. Back in 2008 I had a leak on the port side in the aft stateroom below the shelve on the teal veneer sidewall, luckily the rub rail split very close to that spot so I was able to expose and fix. Doing that would at the locations in the main salon would require almost all the rub rail to be removed. Since the leaks developed only in the past three years I don't think it's acempty screw hole like the 2008 issue. Anyone have any ideas on if I can remove the screws and get some adhesive back in there to re bed effectively? Any secrets I do t know cause I'm not sure I can effectivly get the 4200 thru the rub rail back to the original hole? I don't want to make the situation worse. The idea of breaking all the screw seals to hopefully solve two leaking ones gives me nightmares of ending up with many. But not liking the water damage on my interior veneer. No way to inspect from inside as number one the veneer sheet extends up above the joint, number two the fiberglass headliner does not have an inspection. Section at the areas I think it's leaking ( just above the small windows just prior to the headliner. Checked the stanchions and padeyes that could possibly send water in the area and they are good. Anybody tried forcing 4200 or life caulk thru a skinny enough tube to fit inside the screw holes in the stainless rub section to be sure the caulk hits home? Also is it possible the bottom seam of the plastics standoff has clogged and is allowing water to collect enough to leak( seems like a longshot to me) anyone put a thin bead of caulk on their top seam to prevent water from getting in? We are in the tropics and I bet the spray would get in from the bottom any way. Oh well interested to hear any ideas

  2. Sailgunner


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    The screws in the ss do nothing but hold the ss strip to the rub rail. Mine got damaged on pilings so I removed all the SS strip. The leak may be at the deck/hull joint. I had leaks on my stern. I removed the rub rail (rather easy to do), removed the screws holding the joint together, cleaned the joint with a box cutter and filled the joint with 5200 and reinstalled the screws. Oh, the screws hold the plastic H material the rub rail attaches to. You will need to replace this as it gets destroyed when you remove it. You can buy replacements on this site.

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  3. jssailem


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    If you think it is the screws,what if you pulled the screws, wrapped butyl tape around the screws and then refastened them. The butyl would help to seal the screw threads if it is the screw that is leaking.

  4. chuckwayne


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    ditto on Sailgunner - When Escape was delivered we had to remove the rubrail and fill caulk voids (use 5200) that had been left by the factory. That stopped the leaks

  5. discovery


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    hunter passage456
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    Was able to get access to see the joint just above one of the spots, saw a screw that must be attaching the plastic standoff rail to the boat, screwed right in the seam, black around it so I suspect leaking there. I assume all the screws that attach the plastic portion of the rail are like that. I was able to,pump adhesive in there pushed it in the seam and around the screw, we will see,if that will hold it off until I finish our cruising season. Big job to,remove the entire rail.just hauled out in Grenada two months ago don't plan to,be on the hard for another two years, perhaps could tackle the job at a marina in St Lucia that has good docks. Would need at least two,days of no rain to get it all off and caulked and back on. Wish I was in the states for this,one.

  6. BIGUA


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    Sailgunner, could you be so kind to explain, when you finish the work you told, the method to put in place again your rubrail ?? I have mine removed to correct leaks....and now thinking the way to put the rubrail correctly in the keeper.