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Stem Repair

Discussion in 'Ask A Hunter Owner' started by thetone, Mar 13, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. thetone


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    Can anyone give me some advice on repairing the hole in the stem of my 1987 Hunter 28.5. She was struck by another boat while moored. The picture shows the gouge in the stem which holed the boat. I have since ground it out using a dremel tool. Now there is a hole about 2" wide and 3" long. Any suggestions on how to fill it? The angle will make it difficult for epoxy to stay in place.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



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  2. Whatfiero1


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    Thickened epoxy and a piece cardboard with a string tied in middle to hold onto. You can put epoxy in a pastry bag and squeeze it in

  3. Daveinet


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    While not the official way, I think if I were doing a repair, I would first fill it with closed cell spray foam so there is something to prevent sag that is also air tight. Cut the extra foam off, so I have a flat surface. Rough up the outside, so the epoxy will stick. Then layer it up and vacuum bag it. The reason I would vacuum bag it, is that will suck the epoxy back into the cracked fibers of the hull. That should help the bond. Of course vacuum bagging will keep the epoxy from running out, so you can use something that cures more slowly.

  4. Crazy Dave Condon

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    Can you supply a close up shot for a fuller response and can you get to the back side from inside. I was a former now retired hunter dealer.}