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    Well. let's see. I've been finishing a bedroom, bathroom, closet in the bsmt for our daughter. We've had a snowy, rain, freeze, snow, rain freeze kind of winter. Couple weeks back had a massive rain, thunderstorm, downpour. With the ground still frozen, and frozen ice snow banks at the back of the house, filled up the window well ( water mark was 3 ft. ) and emptied into the basement, and kept coming. Ended up having to rip out the wall around the window, tear up the flooring that had been installed previously and cut out the drywall 8" from the floor all around the room. Not to mention running fans, dehumidifier, etc. for days to get it dry out.....

    IS IT SUMMER YET........ I NEED A BOAT FIX....... :D

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    In Upstate NY, we are around 35 degrees. We got some light snow and high winds over the last few days. The Sun shown brightly today. It teased us. Alas, we wait. I cooked Jumbalaya and Banana Bread today after seeing 5 patients this morning. I am lining up my project buckets in my tool room, getting ready for Spring.

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    No, we don't have that.

  4. TomY

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    Spring weather is the best after a long winter. Sunny days are here and we'll reach a balmy 50F today.

    The actual will be more determined by wind direction here. The North Atlantic has the energy and is calling the shots. Last I looked, the water temperature at a nearby buoy was 35F.

    While it can feel pretty nice a few miles inland from here, a warm South breeze is impossible out on my mooring.

    Once the Caribbean South breeze clears the Gulf Stream rim off Hatteras, the Gulf of Maine will refrigerate it back down to 35F on our shore.

    A West wind on the other hand, could raise us to 70F, but only for a mile or so off the coast.

    We used to get in earlier when the kids were young but I don't fight the ocean temperature these days. I'll give up a few spring days sailing and make that up in the fall when the effect is the opposite.

    There will be no shortage of water in the North Atlantic in 2019. A local photog. shot the Rockland breakwater during the last Super moon High Tide:
    Rockport breakwater submerged 3:22:19.jpg
    The mile long breakwater, below - about mid tide, protects the vast harbor.
    Breakwater mid tide.jpg

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    Wow the trail conditions yesterday, both snowmobile and skiing were amazing. Went from snow, to sun and back to snow. Kids had an absolute blast but buy are they wiped. The all did about ten runs in the morning then we rode almost 80 miles on the machines. We passed an old slide in pick up camper, at a remote hunting cabin, that put our late March snow depths into perspective..

    A507817A-E876-4F19-A453-4013ABD07F11.jpeg EE1A1BE4-15CB-4A81-8D17-9D98AFDCDDE0.jpeg 72C51B4E-BCA2-4DB9-BDA6-6D5CC63CDC0B.jpeg

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    Gee, kids who look like they're having fun and there's not an electronic device in sight. :)

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    I’m sitting here in tidewater Virginia, temp in the 30s yet this morning, literally the same as my place in northern Michigan. I won’t even get to my boat until mid May. I have to rely on the guys in the boat yard to bottom paint and wax the topsides. I trust them, but I would rather do it myself.

    I had a total left knee replaced on Feb 12, that has kind of set back my timetable. The good news is that the results have been excellent, I have full mobility, but still have more physical therapy to complete.

    When I do get up north, I have to take off the boom and re-rig the internal outhaul which has never been right, and re align the backstay mounted radar. I’m thinking my boat won’t hit the water until Memorial Day...

  8. All U Get

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    Going to Immigration next week to add another 90 days to the Visa.

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    Things are just starting to break in the Upper Chesapeake. High will be sunny and 60 today. Waiting for the marina to turn on the water. Hopefully next week. I believe I can get a whiff of Spring if I try hard enough.

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    Have a good idea of what you’re going through; the admiral had a replacement on Feb 7. She’s got good flexibility; however, still in PT to strengthen the knee. Memorial Day is about 8 weeks away, so you should be ready to go at the same time that the boat is splashed. Hang in there and good luck with the recovery.

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    Lovely 3-hr sail today. Even had to put the first reef in.

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    I counted two dozen motorcycles out on the roads today, many people running the river in canoes & kayaks so spring is here in western NH. Maybe by mid May the warmer weather will make it's way to the coast.

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    In Baltimore county, resealed chainplates,started on resealing side windows, feel like I have finally been released from detention!

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    Greetings Maine Sail & all others!!!!!
    Just received my project ordered parts from you MS, Thanks a GREAT deal!!!!
    So, prior to receiving my parts & equipment, I had been, and still am, deciding on what projects need to be tended to this spring.....
    So far we have started to:
    Replace our salon cushions with all new foam and fabric
    Strip & Refinish our cockpit table (which I have been working on for 2 yrs. now)
    Replace & upgrade battery charging system
    Replace cutlass bearing
    Reseal port side portlight
    I spent last week spraying the propeller retaining nuts, we have 2 holding the prop in place plus a SS cotter pin, with every kind of lube suggested to me. Started the week off with PB Blaster, midweek the yard sold me a can of Freeze-Off, a friend lent me a can of "KANO Aerokroil", and by Saturday another friend came by with his torch and off they came..... Sunday, with temps at around 50, we attended the St. Patty's Day parade in Mystic and I borrowed a friend's mech. puller so now I can pull the prop this week...... we have received our foam from an online source and our fabric from Sailrite, so the admiral will start that project soon, pics to follow

    Attached Files:

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    I can see why.

  16. All U Get

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    Is it too early to ask one of you guys to start my garden so I can have fresh veggies when I get home? Where's Ron when I need him?

  17. Ron20324


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    I'm home, "weeding" the bottom of the boat.

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  18. nat55


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    Spring? You betcha, here on the Maine coast as TomY said it is slow coming, water temps are still chilly. The missus and I said the heck with all that and gave ourselves a nice 2 week break in the BVI. Got back on the 16th. Now on to boat projects!

  19. capta


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    That sounds like a really nice day. How about when they finally get the Lear Jet repaired and the moody chauffer decides he's going to actually do his job and drive folks to and from the Lear Jet in the Rolls, we exchange for a day?

  20. rgranger


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    I put my boat in the water a week ago Sunday. I spent this weekend cleaning, waxing etc.

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