Sheave replacement

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    I have a 1975 Pearson 28. I need to replace the sheaves. The axels are easy to remove and they are in great shape. HOWEVER with the axels out the shives don't want to come out. The move freely were they are but they won't move out. The design is with 2 sheaves next to each other so can't easily drive it out. Any suggestions.

  2. dlochner


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    A photo will help.

    Are the sheaves too large for the exit holes? If so, it may be necessary to remove the mast head assembly.

  3. jssailem


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    Pictures are very helpful.
    The mast head off may doo the trick. Sometimes the axel you mention is a bolt that rides in a sleeve. The sleeve can extend across/through the center of the sheaves. Tying them together.
    Sometimes they have been up there so long that corrosion sort of sticks them together.
    Be gentle.

  4. danstanford


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    When I tried to identify a jamb point when feeding a new halyard from a fish string last year I briefly tried taking the masthead assembly so I am interested in this thread. I put a socket on the bolt going through the aluminum extrusion of the mast into the mast head assembly and twisted till I was afraid I was going to twist off the head of the bolt. Being as far down as it was from the top, I can't imagine how to lubricate/penetrating oil it so I quit.
    Where would you start to loosen this bolt, heat?

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