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Shared Barber Hauler and spinnaker twings deck block/control line

Discussion in 'Sail Trim with Don Guillette' started by letlmt, Dec 11, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. letlmt


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    Can I set up a block in front of my genoa track at the rail and run a line back to the genoa winch, with the other end of the same line acting as either the barber hauler for the genoa or a twing for the spinnaker?

    Can one line do both (depending on which sail is flying), or do the deck blocks need to be in different locations?

  2. Jackdaw


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    I am assuming your want to OUThaul, and not inhaul.

    You can do as you ask, with proper placement of the block and correct sizing the hardware. Due to the angle of defection, the load will be higher when its on the genoa. A block placed at forward end the stanchion next to the genoa track would probably work fine. Mount a cam-cleat to hold it. A 2:1 will save you from having to put it on the winch. You never will for the kite. Your genoa is not that big; I'm assuming a system without purchase would be fine.

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