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San Juan Islands Cruise

Discussion in 'Smaller Boats' started by stackwalker, Jul 31, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. RonniePH26


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    Hunter H26
    US Lucky Peak
    Yep, that's me. It's funny because the wife and I really like the transom on the 260. Grass is always greener I guess.

    You're welcome to come over and check it out next time you see us.

  2. h2o_snow


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    Hunter 260
    US Lucky Peak
    Don't want to hijack Stacks thread.

    The H260 stern & 20 gallons of fresh water set the 260 above the 26 for us. Great access for boarding and swimming. (I'm always in the water and we hope to dive from the boat as soon as I can figure a good way to rack tanks)

    Took a while to find one with a tiller. We are very pleased - the boat really fills the niche of being a livable trailer sailer. Checked out the Mac 26's and Catalina 25 - no real comparison re: below deck space which is what we wanted - a water RV.

  3. JimSails


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    Missed your latest reply to me Stackwalker. I am in Indianapolis, but I have an f-250 so towing is not a problem. Got to ride a Hunter 26 last night with stern rails. It's definitely a great boat. Was a lot more steady and level than I expected with all the water ballast nay-saying. When we got hit with a 20+mph gust with full main and jib out it did pop us to a 45 degree heel pretty quick, but we just pointed into the wind and quickly furled the jib.

    For the comments about the 260 sugar scoop being great, how is it really that different than the 26? they both have ladders that deploy and you can walk right out & jump off.... I can't find any pictures that make the difference look anything but negligible from a functionality standpoint. The sugar scoop looks nicer, but I'd rather pocket the 8k premium. hoping to go out on a 240 this weekend, but I am pretty sure we are going to buy a 26 w/ stern rail seats.