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Rudder Trouble - 2000 H340

Discussion in 'Mid-Size Boats' started by Yachtsman1686, Mar 12, 2019. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Yachtsman1686


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    Hunter 340
    US Channel Islands
    Hi All, According to the surveyor, my rudder has too much play in it. He said he thinks it might be the plastic tube that the bearings ride on. Any thoughts?


  2. Ken Cross

    Ken Cross

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    Ours had too much play when we purchased her, but it wasn't rudder bearings it was loose cables between the wheel and rudder bell crank. I tightened the cables and all is well.


  3. Ed Caldwell

    Ed Caldwell

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    US Lake Lanier, GA
    The H340 uses a bellcrank system. No cables.
    Rob, I'd first ask your surveyor how much play is too much, and what play is he measuring on your rudder. Then ask here again.
    Here's the owner's manual pages on the rudder H340 rudder and bearings.

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  4. jeff356


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    Is the play shaft movement in the bearings or is it linkage or rack and pinion play further up the system?
    Depending it could be bearing issues, shaft gouging or an adjustment on the rack and pinion gear.
    I saw they had a replacement rudder with stainless shaft for around $3500 earlier if needed.