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Rudder replacement

Discussion in 'Capri 22 Repair & Maintenance' started by FCGunsett, Jul 26, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. FCGunsett


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    Catalina Capri 22
    When Pigs Fly US Des Moines, IA
    I am looking for information on class legal rudder replacements. I looked at the rudders offered by Catalina Direct and they state that the new rudders that they offer are not class legal. Any input or recommendations would be helpful.

    I am looking for a rudder because my rudder broke in half last evening. Apparently, water leaked in where the bolt that holds the lower pintle onto the rudder. I would recommend that anyone using an older barn door rudder check and make sure that theses holes have been sealed.


  2. odj22sailor


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    Interesting that they would say it"s not Class legal as we don't have a class. With that said I bought a new rudder from Rudder Craft. They are using the Catalina 22 rudder which is a bit smaller and thinner. Just sailed Screwpile Regatta last weekend.
    Conditions were 10-25 for 3 days puffs to 30 knots. Used large Asymmetrical spinnaker. The boat handled just fine doing 13 knots+. GPS said SOG was 15 knots.....
    I still have my old but it will need a lot of work.

  3. KennyBene


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    Beneteau 352
    US Centerport, NY
    Try this guy- a true "old salt" who used to make rudders for all Catalinas. He made me one for my old C30 and it was awesome. Plus a lot cheaper than any of the others.

  4. Gene Neill

    Gene Neill

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    C-22, Albin Vega
    US central Florida
    @EditorC22NSA might shed some light on class legality. I don't race, but I have heard from people who do that those Ruddercraft rudders are not a problem.

  5. EditorC22NSA


    Joined Apr 21, 2015
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    Catalina 22 Sport #15582
    US Indianapolis
    Original message is from a Capri 22 owner. Capri has an Owner's Association, but very little "class" racing. I wouldn't worry about it for a Capri 22. If you must have a class-legal rudder, then two options: 1) Parted out Capri 22, or 2) Purchase from Catalina Yachts.

    For a Catalina 22, currently not legal for Catalina 22 racing...especially at Catalina 22 class regional and national level. Local racing (PHRF) could be subject to very unlikely protest by others.

    I think Rudder Craft's reference to "not class legal" is simply a general statement to cover themselves. I am sure they don't invest any time researching if a sailboat has an active/valid racing class. So, they make a generalized statement, then let you figure it out.

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