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Repair and painting issues with Hunter 146

Discussion in 'Day Sailers' started by AliceMS, Oct 3, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. AliceMS


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    I bought my H146 new in 2006 and all was great for the first 8 yrs or so. Last few years I've had to do a lot of crack patching, mainly on the rail but some in the cockpit seats. First used Devcon Plastic welder, and cracks re-opened over course of a year. Repaired again being sure to get temps right, and new cracks form. This year, for third time, I used Plexus MA 300, and that is holding together. Don't know why Hunter didn't tell me about this second epoxy straight out. The ACP Repair Manual they give you is sketchy in some areas. They mention Plexus but leave out the MA300 part, so I assume the word Plexus refers to the Devcon epoxy. They say it's the same chemical, but why does one work and one not work? And why does this ACP material keep forming little surface cracks, even with light use or no use for several months? It's getting more brittle over time, is that why the continued cracking? I live in Washington DC area and we have a lot of freeze and thaw in the winters. Is that a factor?
    My main concern now is to get it painted and back in use or sold. What is the correct paint to use if you can't use Krylon Fusion due to restrictions on spray paint? Do the standard topside paints like Interlux Brightsides Polyurethane work on the ABS skin.? Or is there some other? I cannot find Krylon Fusion in a formula to apply with rollers or brushes.
    Thanks, Alice

  2. BobbyFunn


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    The best advice is to research "ASA plastic". Youll find this plastic is marketed heavily in the automotive industry. Search those forums. If it looks as bad as i imagine, strip it down and take it to a body shop after you smooth the surface.

    They already have the correct solvents for cleanning, priming, and painting plastic. It would be done in 2 days or less with a sprayer and flash drying. It look really good to. Id do this if i wanted to sell for a good price.

    If you want to go redneck, rustoleum sells plastic primer that you can roll on. Rustoleum topsides sticks to that.

    Itll look likeshit unless you sand and polish. About a month of work?

    The 216 manual suggest a bottom paint, topside version might work, but never researched it.

    Sorry you have to paint. It wont look as glassy if you go that route. You lose that fresh out of mold look.

  3. Crazy Dave Condon

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    Send me a private email along with photos so I can assess and advise. I use to advise Hunter on repairs. See that you are in northern VA. I overlook the beginning of the James