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Reliance Hull # 44

Discussion in 'Reliance' started by Sea Whisper, Jun 4, 2014. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Sea Whisper

    Sea Whisper

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    Reliance 44
    CA Midland Ontario
    Hi All,
    I just acquired Sea Whisper 1, Reliance 44 Hull # 44 and I can't wait to get her to Wye Heritage Marina in Midland Ontario. This is on Georgian Bay, Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada.


  2. Voyager


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    Reliance 44
    US Cape Canaveral, FL FL
    Hi -

    My name is Rick Goltz & I help run an Owners Club for R44 owners. There is no obligation or cost of any type so please consider joining-in. Most of our contact is via a FaceBook Group. I also maintain a history of most R44's & we are in contact with the designer/builder. Please e-mail me at


    Rick Goltz

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