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Raymarine chartplotter 435

Discussion in 'Catalina 309 Group Forum' started by Chaz3536, Aug 28, 2016. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Chaz3536


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    All, I have hull 139 and my Raymarine 435 chartplotter takes a long time to update the position of the boat. I understand there is a way to clear out past tracks to speed up the processing time of the chartplotter. Has anyone done this? I'm hoping I won't have to get a new chartplotter. Thanks.

  2. Bill Roosa

    Bill Roosa

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    Perhaps you have something getting in the way of the GPS antenna??? Try going to the "satellites" page that shows the GPS satellites that are currently above the horizon. You need at least 4 to get a 30

  3. BigEasy


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    Perhaps you should check the internal battery on the external gps antenna. The battery allows the antenna to maintain the last fix until the unit is powered up again. I have also read on this site, in recent posts , that a dead battery in the raystar 125 antenna prevented the gps from acquiring satellite fixes as well as low battey power causing erratic readings.
    Note that there was nothing in the owner's manual about the internal battery being present in the gps antenna. The bottom plate of the antenna needs to be removed to gain access to the battery. Might want to search the archives for further information. Hope this helps.

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