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Raymarine autopilot for h410

Discussion in 'Big Boats' started by Jim D, Oct 7, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. artboas


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    ca toronto
    Agree. You never go marginal on something like this. It will wreck the drive.

  2. Don Lucas

    Don Lucas

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    US Salem MA
    My original type 1 drive lasted 16 years of hard work! The replacement has now sailed 2000+ miles and in seas over 20' with wind 40+ and it was just fine).
    I have a spare type 1 rotary gear drive (no gears of chain) for sale that has 2 hours on it and still has 2 years left on the warranty that I will sell for $1,000 (way below what you can find a new one for)

  3. Jim D

    Jim D

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    Hunter 410
    US Maryland
    Yes. I can't argue that it would be more prudent to choose the type 2 drive. Cost difference is only around 300 on the drive. The core does add up but if type 1 drive can't deliver than money is not well spent. Ok than back to finding the steering gear. At boat now measuring. In Annapolis so maybe find a raymarine shop who could answer question on teeth count on steering gear.
    Journey continues.....

  4. jviss


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    If you upgrade the drive to a Type 2, you will need to upgrade the control unit to handle the load; from ACU-200 to ACU-400, for example.

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