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PVC Furler

Discussion in 'Ask A Macgregor Owner' started by fritz3000g, Jan 27, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Will Gilmore

    Will Gilmore

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    I find it is of the utmost importance to convince one's wife that they actually want you to build your project, then they only have issue with how long it takes.

    I have never tried building a plane in my living room before. My reputation for taking forever to complete projects would make convincing her to let me take over the living room for a project like that, near impossible. However, I think I have her convince we need to build a boat together. The next step is to convince her it needs to be 50' long. Not in the living room, though. ;)

    - Will (Dragonfly)

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  2. Cperry092105


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    I recently built a PVC furler for my 26S only cost about $50 bucks to build and only took about 3 hours to build. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of it at the moment but I can take some this weekend if you would like. I've only used it one time and it worked great minus towards the end of the trip the line stopped wrapping around my spool and went above it but it didnt affect its performance.

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  3. fritz3000g


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    No hurry Cperry, but if you get around to taking pictures sometime that would be fantastic! Thanks!

  4. Cperry092105


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    0507182011c.jpg 0507182011a.jpg 0507182011.jpg So, here's some pictures of the remainder of the version 1 pvc curler. I only got to use it once on the water which it worked great minus the fact that towards the end of the day the rope stopped wrapping around the spool and went above it. That didnt seems to effect its performance. Version one's demise was met when I raised the mast in the backyard to work on some other items. The conclusion was that 3/4 sch 40 white pvc combined with the heat, the oversized holes for the hanks and the way in which it was strapped to the mast for transport resulted in it warping and then breaking. 0507182013.jpg 0507182012b.jpg

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