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Puffer restoration

Discussion in 'AMF' started by JMChristiansen, May 25, 2016. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. JMChristiansen


    Joined May 25, 2016
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    AMF Puffer
    US Detroit
    I am restoring an AMF puffer 12 foot. I should have some pictures up of the boat soon. When I got it, it did not come with a boom. Are there any people who sell them or other booms that would fit? I plan to use the flawless factory sails.

  2. catluckenbach


    Joined Oct 5, 2016
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    AMF Alcort Puffer
    US Hiawassee, Georgia
    I too am restoring a Puffer! I acquired a 1980 AMF Puffer from a neighbor 3 months ago (I drove by it everyday - watching it just waste away in his yard) - offered him $200 and it was a done deal! (or so I thought) This little Puffer project has taught me so much more that I ever thought I needed to know about a 12.5 foot Dinghy! Lot's o' trial and error. Parts ordered - parts returned. Epoxy verses Filler. Gel coat or Brightside. Tipping - Rolling. Mahogany or white oak - what stain - what varnish to use. Hunting and pecking for original parts - Racelite - Kenyon - Bailer. Still can not find Hiking Straps or original Oars for the locks. Please let me know what you have learned. Thank you, Cat

  3. Justin_NSA


    Joined Jul 7, 2004
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    Hunter 30T
    US Cheney, KS

  4. RussC


    Joined Sep 11, 2015
    1,122 posts, 463 likes
    Macgregor 25
    US Oregon lakes
    I owned/sailed a Puffer for a wile, several years ago. A very fun little boat if you're sailing solo.
    I made my own hiking straps out of seat belt webbing, purchased on-line. As I recall, I got the oar locks (and oars) via Amazon which had smaller shanks so I made spacers out of pvc pipe. These days I make my own standing rigging, but as I recall Salty Dog Marine had them ready made for the Puffer also.

  5. catluckenbach


    Joined Oct 5, 2016
    2 posts, 0 likes
    AMF Alcort Puffer
    US Hiawassee, Georgia
    Thank you for the info! I have joined the Yahoo Puffer Group - not much action on their threads but made a few really good connections with fellow Puffers. I found Hiking Straps just about an hour ago - think I'm going with the 420s - they look like a good fit?! I'm restoring this dinghy for my daughters b-day - almost done! Her birthday is next week - gotta be done!!!

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