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Price Hike

Discussion in 'Ask All Sailors' started by ifmdalvey, Feb 7, 2019. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. TomY

    TomY Alden Forum Moderator

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    US Rockport Harbor
    You get a deal in Harpswell.

    Ours have gone up to just under 200 because we are in the inner harbor (outer harbor mooring fee is 100 ).

    The lobstermen are charged a little less but have the best moorings closest to the docks. They have their own dinghy docks.

    Non residents pay about 300 for their mooring.

    We all own our equipment and pay to have it maintained and inspected. You sell it when you want.

    A convenient dinghy tie off is 175, but you can use the general dinghy dock for 100. All with parking, loading unloading docks, showers, free fiber optic wifi, ice blocks, water, pump out.

    A bigger increase for us has been storage on the public landing. Nearly doubled when the town get pressure from other boat yards. I pay about 600 now for 38'.

    So to the town we pay about 1200 per year, 5 months on the water, 7 months on the hard, all within a stones throw. Add haul, launch step - unstep (store spar) and we're about 3500/ annual, for these costs.

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  2. Peggie Hall HeadMistress

    Peggie Hall HeadMistress

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    US LIttle Rock
    Not true. +/- 3% is the rate at which the US economy is growing. The annual rate of inflation at the end of 2018 was 1.9%.


  3. BarryL


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    So what do you get for the extra $24? What is the town doing with the money?



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  4. FastOlson


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    US Portland OR
    These threads occur often and yet are always interesting.
    Having pretty much zero "moorings" to row out to.... around here we can only view comparisons of docking at marinas. There are some pretty large differences between public, corporate, and private yacht club facilities. For our 34 footer, the total (dues, fees, and moorage in one package) our cost is around $450. per Quarter, in our yacht club moorage. That's with a floating clubhouse and graveled parking lot.
    We are in a smaller YC with no employees where the members do all of the work.

    Down the street is a much larger YC with paid staff and the whole rough-equivalent-price package runs about double what we pay. They do have a good restaurant and bar, tho. :) I sometimes use my 'reciprocals' to go there and enjoy a burger and a beer.

    The commercial places would charge me around $250. to $300. a month. Yikes.

    Romantic as having a boat on a swinging moorage (in the summer...) might seem at times, I do like tying to a finger dock with power and water adjacent.

    If our costs were as high as some you are facing we would have to get out of boating. Love the lifestyle, but we do have to watch the costs carefully. :(

    Since the true annual cost is the best way to compare, I wonder what the total is for NE sailors when they add winter on-land storage to their summer mooring costs?

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  5. RussC


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    US Oregon lakes
    I showed this thread to my wife. we both agree: we love our 25' trailer sailor even more now :yikes: . our "off season" sailing lake is free to launch and park the truck trailer wile we spend several days at a time on the water, and the lake where we do most of our spring/summer sailing costs us a $30.00 annual truck/trailer parking permit with free launching etc. I didn't retire well enough to afford sailing otherwise.

  6. ifmdalvey


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    US Harpswell Me
    The hardware and its upkeep are all down to me. Putting a winter ball on it is $130 and that covers in and out.

  7. ifmdalvey


    Joined Feb 2, 2010
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    Island Packet 37 Hull #2
    US Harpswell Me
    I don't know, i dont even remember voting on this at the town meeting but it probably went through in the overall budget. There are zero facilities, its not like in Rockland or Camden, but my mooring in Lombos Hole is considered a hurricane Hole, so peace of mind is a bonus.

  8. Rick486


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    US Pt. Judith
    Wow! Great life at a fair cost. The total package you described, in salt water here in RI, is about a factor of 3. Higher on the Connecticut shore headed toward NYC. Here in RI and neighboring CT the yards are do it yourself if you wish. In western CT you begin to see the yard does all the work format. Much more expensive.

  9. dlochner


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    One of the big secrets in NY is how affordable some areas are. Boating costs are low, housing is low, while lots of people complain, taxes are reasonable for what you get. It would cost us considerably more to pack up and move to a "cheaper" state. We can only afford the boat we have because of where we live. If we lived on LI Sound, I'd be sitting on shoring pining for a boat ride. Or standing at the marina gate with a cardboard sign "will work for sailing time." :(

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  10. Misfits


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    US NH
    I own the ground tackle on my mooring. It gets inspected every two years. Being a non resident of Maine, costs me $106.00 for the yearly permit fee which goes to
    the town. Good deal far as I'm concerned!

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  11. jon hansen

    jon hansen

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    john alden caravelle 42
    us sturgeon bay, wis
    in sturge they call it a tax. my summer home is outside the city limits. the waterway is federal. i pay $ 375.00 a year tax to the city. the city requires proof of inspection every three years. i require an inspection every year, but that's just me

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  12. TomY

    TomY Alden Forum Moderator

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    US Rockport Harbor
    Isn't it all relative; median household incomes, median house prices, median boat owner cost. The three factors rise and fall in a group for a given zip code. Maine is a cheap date in all three categories. :)

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  13. TomY

    TomY Alden Forum Moderator

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    Alden 38' Challenger yawl
    US Rockport Harbor
    NY in some ways reminds me of Me. Having lived and sailed in Vermont and all along the NY border, as well as down through the Hudson River past the Battery in Manhattan, few states have such a huge range of demographics. Places in upstate NY are just as rural as Vermont's Northeast Kingdom.

    Maine demographically is two states: The southern coastline counties and THE county and it's neighbors, inland. Both swing wide of the term 'median' on all levels. We're not a cohesive state like my well known Vermont. But living on the coast of Maine is a sailors dream.

    I'm not surprised at all you have great value in your boating, Dave, knowing your state - a little (who could know all of NY state?).

    I talked to my daughter in Brooklyn NYC today who's trying to rent her second apartment there.

    She'll pay 2 times the median Me. house total carrying cost, at least! She earns more than twice the median Me. household income, as a single person, in her 20's.

    I'm trying to get her to buy NYC realestate. She CANNOT have a boat there, ever. :)

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  14. Charlie Jones s/v Tehani

    Charlie Jones s/v Tehani

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    us Texas coast
    My slip for my 25 footer is $127 per month which includes a $15 month fee for electric. That''s 12 months per year= $1524 annually. I can't complain.

    And I have never seen a mooring in Texas waters

    Additionally- boat registration fee runs 30 a year, with no other tax

  15. 19thol


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    Hunter 30
    US St.Petersburg, Fl
    Since we sail year round, slip fees can kill. We bought a condo with a dock, rent the condo, keep the boat there, and the condo fees pay the water and electric for the slip. Can't afford to not have a boat now.

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  16. dlochner


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    113 US Fair Haven, NY
    What a problem to have! :biggrin:

  17. Benny17441


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    Yeah that is outrageous, tell them to stuff it and send me their phone number so I can give them a piece of my mind...….."Hello, a friend of mine is vacating his mooring and I'm really interested in it. Who do I make my check payable to?" Seriously, compare prices in the area and if they are similar consider yourself lucky for the past years.

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  18. Benny17441


    Joined May 24, 2004
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    US South Florida
    That depends on who calculates it and how close one may be to the target person most affected by the indices.

  19. capta


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    na Admiralty Bay, Bequia SVG
    I'm sorry, but I just can't find it my heart to be very sympathetic. Most moorings down here range from us$20.00 a day to well over us$60.00 a month and very few if any are guaranteed, or even regularly maintained.
    However if, as I suspect, your post is tongue in cheek, well then good job, as I needed a bit of light humor today.

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  20. Tom J

    Tom J

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    US Quincy, MA
    I just got the bill from my yacht club. Slip fee for the season-$558, winter storage-$186, dues-$200, plus misc. These are not the norm here in NE. Figure about $5/ft a day for a marina slip, and a grand or two for winter storage.

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