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Position of wing keel on Trail-Rite trailer

Discussion in 'Capri 22 Trailer & Towing & Storage' started by HERSH, Oct 25, 2016. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. HERSH


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    Catalina Capri 22
    Where is the lower leading edge of the wing keel supposed to be when on your trailer?
    Or, where do you position yours?
    Single axle Trail-Rite.

    Use the cross brace as a reference. A picture would be real helpful.



  2. jepomer


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    Capri 22 O'Day 19
    US Winthrop MA
    If the tongue weight is too much, the vehicle front wheels will be lightly loaded.
    If the tongue weight is too little, the trailer will tend to "fishtail" going over 40 mph.
    Basically, you want to have 10% of the total weight on the trailer hitch — 300 lbs in round numbers.

    My Capri wing keel sits just in front of the single axle.

  3. CaptDon01


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    Catalina C-22 MK-II
    US Parrish, FL
    Now I don't have a Capri-22, but, my Catalina-22 MK-II version shares the same wing keel with the Capri-22 wing keel versions. I also trailer with a single axle Trail-Rite trailer. So hopefully you can see the position of the wing keel with the boat on the trailer.

    C-22 TRAILER 003.JPG C-22 TRAILER 008.JPG IMG_4083.JPG

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