Old boats are adopting young owners.

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    This old but well maintained Pearson may have been handed down but I don't know the details. I sense this is a father and daughter launching a 30' Coaster or Wanderer from the public launching ramp. She is in control of the boat, no question. The unmistakable sound of a well maintained Atomic 4 accelerates down the tight channel.
    Pearson launch.jpg
    The boat just came down the road from a small DIY yard a mile away. A sailboat with it's mast laid on deck is a typical sight this time of year. There are a few options to step your mast in our harbor.
    Pearson leaving.jpg
    The Goose River flows one way, the tide goes another, she deftly maneuvers FIAFIA onto a tiny floating dock.

    Boats engulfed in clouds of sails line the public docks. There's no charge for a few hours of work.
    Pearson stepping.jpg
    That little dock fits on the back of this mobile crane. They can bring your stick, and the dock, to you.

    These guys come from another boatyard a few miles inland. They are very good at this and are in an out in 20 minutes. In fact it's about an hour total from jack stands to mooring for FIAFIA.

    Pearson stepping close.jpg
    A public landing is a treasure.

    A en pleine aire painter replicates a scene done thousands of times. Kids play on the statue of Andre the Seal. FIAFIA gets her mast stepped for a reasonable cost.

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    What a great sailing community. I always enjoy your posts.

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    Just wondering what all the weighted lines on the pilings are? Holding the sterns of those docked on the other side?

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    That's an interesting subject. When the flooding goes down and our club gets into the season, I'd be curious how many of our members are younger than their boat. I can think of maybe one young family on our dock with an older Catalina 30.

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    Linda.jpeg My daughter is younger than her boat by a few years. It's good to have an older friend!
    She's currently waiting for Montana summer to arrive.

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    Most of my sailing has been done on a 1964 Allied Seabreeze 35'... which is 9 years older than I am... That being said, I sold her a little over a year ago, and with my newer boat my kids are the only ones aboard younger than "their" boat... not sure as teen/pre-teens if they count as "sailors" though or just poorly-secured-cargo at this point... ;)

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    They hold tenders just off the dock as the 10'+ tide goes up and down. Just a line run through a pulley that is attached to old window sash weights. Here are the same docks at low tide.
    MA's dinghys3.jpg

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    I thought I had seen that name / word before....
    Per wiki....
    The word "fiafia" is used in the Pacific islands, such as Samoa and Tonga. It has many meanings such as "celebration," "Get-together," or "happy".
    Great name for sail boat!

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    My daughter has owned a 1981 Catalina 25 for over 7 years and now she has her sights set on a 1982 Cat 30. She says, wow I can stand up in this boat. This will be fun.

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    We use a similar setup at our small boat docks (under 20’). It eliminates the need for finger docks so they can pack more boats in. Our pulleys are strung from a thick cable that runs along the tops of pilings.

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