North Idaho Snow

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    The joys of a North Idaho winter, it was so mild all year, then we got the polar vortex and the years snowfall in 3 weeks. I went up to check the cover and it was crazy that it was still held. I took over an hour to shovel 18 inches of snow. The pic shows the less affected side, the port side had even more as it is exposed to more of the wind with less shelter from the boats houses. The best tool for the job was my kids plastic shovel. Insane level fo snow, glad it held. Thankfully the boat is dry below. A boat down the dock sank when the freeze came. Failed to close seacock, plastic raw water strainer broke and flooded boat I guess. I double checked all mine again. Untitled.png

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    So is your lake frozen solid? You look like you may be in the water.

    First 2 weeks of February we were shoveling 4-8 inches every morning while sailing in the Vancouver area and Gulf Islands of BC.

    You look like you had an eager helper.

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    Wouldn't it be nice to have a big ol heater with a snow sensor that turned it on only while snow was falling? Then, snow hits the tarp and turns to water as it falls. Uralit, it looks like you have a nice high peaked tarp over your boat, but the snow overwhelmed it with snow weight. It does that on my boat too. The tarp has ripped under the snow. When I put a new one on, I will support it with more slats and pull it tighter.

    -Will (Dragonfly)

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    In Northern Idaho you don't pull your boats for Winter?

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    On Lake Pend Oreille the water is 1000 feet deep, does not freeze. Most boats stay in water. Jssailm I read your story about Les and Ward, wild winter this year for you on the west side. Stay warm!

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