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New to sailing!

Discussion in 'Catalina 22' started by kenpa, Apr 16, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. kenpa


    Joined Mar 25, 2018
    3 posts, 5 likes
    catalina 22
    virgiMae Us Maraine state park
    Always wanted to sail so at age 75 got a used Catalina 22, cleaned it up so it looks good. But what do I do now?
    Taking a sailing course is not practical due to locations. I read every how to sail book and watched many videos. Weather is getting better so going to have to get on the water soon.
    Being in western Pa. my choices of where are limited, lake Moraine State Park or Deep Creek Maryland.
    Wife said not going with me for awhile so will try solo for now.
    Flew helicopters for a living so understand weather and navigation and know how to swim so what else is there to it. Yea right. Any suggestions please.

  2. John Tubb

    John Tubb

    Joined Feb 14, 2017
    649 posts, 138 likes
    O'Day 25
    US Guntersville, AL

    Go out with no wind the first time! Get use to the boat and how everything works in no wind, practice motor sailing, make it easy on yourself. Then work up, but I'd still get a second set of hands on board, it helps when things get out of hand.

  3. Spooled Again

    Spooled Again

    Joined Dec 27, 2012
    388 posts, 40 likes
    Precision 22 (Sold), O 240 (Sold), Precision 28
    US Somers Point
    Congrats, I agree with Johns suggestion. In addition you may want to upload an app by The American Sailing Association. It’s a game that teaches you terminology, sail trim and various additional things. My wife and I play it to keep somewhat sharp over the winter months. It costs a few bucks but not much.

  4. Justin_NSA


    Joined Jul 7, 2004
    4,578 posts, 685 likes
    Hunter 30T
    US Cheney, KS
    Invite a friend. It will still be safer and more fun even if neither of you knows much about sailing.

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  5. Simon Sexton

    Simon Sexton

    Joined Nov 1, 2017
    234 posts, 77 likes
    Catalina 25 Tall Rig
    Valiant US Watergate Marina, Kemah, TX
    Hey, Kenpa!

    Welcome to sailing and SBO! I'll keep it short and simple: Pull the sail in for upwind, and let it out for downwind!

  6. richk


    Joined Jan 24, 2007
    460 posts, 5 likes
    Marlow-Hunter 37
    US Deep Creek off the Magothy River off ChesBay
    The Flying Scot sailboats are made near Deep Creek Lake ( Maybe give them a call and see if they know anyone interested in sailing with you?

  7. mcrow33


    Joined Mar 29, 2011
    152 posts, 15 likes
    Beneteau 361
    US Charlotte,Vt
    There are a couple of sailing clubs on Lake Arthur. The Lake Arthur Sailing Club and the Lake Moraine Sailing Club. Both offer sailing lessons. At the very least, you could make contact with someone who could go out with you. I don't suggest just going it on your own. You will get frustrated and end up hating sailing. Just my two cents as a sailing instructor.

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  8. Capt Robbie

    Capt Robbie

    Joined Jan 24, 2017
    251 posts, 90 likes
    Hunter 34
    Us Red Bank NJ
    Try United States power squadron They have sail classes for a small membership fee.
    Plus other classes
    Such as basic boating, seamanship, engine matinance, and trade speakers, plus other benefits like discounts on insurance and more.
    I have been a member for 30 plus years and was a sailing instructor.

  9. Gene Neill

    Gene Neill

    Joined Sep 30, 2013
    2,331 posts, 834 likes
    C-22, Albin Vega
    US central Florida
    I like this approach. Keep the stick-thingy pointed above horizontal and you'll be fine. If you can fly a helicopter you can dang sure sail a Catalina 22. :thumbup:

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  10. shemandr


    Joined Jan 1, 2006
    3,425 posts, 530 likes
    Marblehead Skiff 14'
    US Greenport, NY
    Ditto on that! But wear a life jacket - not the Mae West type but either an inflatable or water skier style. The key to learning to sail is matching sail area to the conditions. Get the hang on how the boat handles and then add horse power. Nothing can ruin a day on the water more than a hair on fire experience. You don't have to do that.

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  11. AlastairLC


    Joined Jan 2, 2017
    266 posts, 57 likes
    O'Day 322
    US Lake Pleasant
    In a slip, on a mooring or trailering? One of the trickiest bits to get the hang of, at first, is getting off and getting in. I agree with others, another pair of hands really helps there.

  12. Hardhead


    Joined Apr 11, 2017
    167 posts, 46 likes
    Catalina C22
    US Solomon's Island
    I'd pick a light wind day, and start with just the mainsail up for the first few trips.

    Get used to tacking, and letting the mainsail out in the gusts. Watch the boom. By the end of the summer you'll be a pro.

    Congrats on the new boat!

  13. greg_m


    Joined May 23, 2017
    348 posts, 122 likes
    Catalina Jaguar 22
    ZA Simons Town
    I'll keep it short and simple: Pull the sail in for upwind, and let it out for downwind!

    I learned an even more simple mantra... when in doubt let it out, if it flaps pull it in. Really don't want to leave your stuff flapping out in the wind now!

    Also agree with get a friend or even a family member to help even with just the launching of the boat if it's on a trailer.

    Definitely would follow the above good advice on mainsail only for starters: less ropes to worry about, smaller sail area to control and just a whole lot more simple and slow.

    And finally... thanks for the inspiration: at 75 (when I get there) I hope I have the wherewithal to go sailing! :plus:

  14. rpludwig


    Joined May 23, 2016
    498 posts, 257 likes
    Catalina 22 #12502
    US BSC
    +1....Congrats and Welcome! Stay tuned here, you'll learn a lot!

    Get out and motor only, then main only, then both sails, all in light'll love it! ...and post some pics, we like pics!

  15. kenpa


    Joined Mar 25, 2018
    3 posts, 5 likes
    catalina 22
    virgiMae Us Maraine state park
    Thanks for all the help I will follow the advise and I learned one thing for shore there are a lot of good people that sail with the wind.

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  16. Will Gilmore

    Will Gilmore

    Joined Oct 19, 2017
    2,598 posts, 1,081 likes
    O'Day 19
    US Littleton, NH
    Welcome to the sailboatowners forum. You have joined the right family to help you. I am looking forward to reading about your progress in this change of life:clap:.

    I don't know exactly where in PA you are, but I looked up ASA schools for Western Penn and one in Celoron NY popped up.
    ADDRESS 32 Venice Street, Celoron, NY. 14720
    PHONE (716) 664-3883
    take advantage of your Boat's trailerability.
    If you have the attitude that allows you to buy your first sailboat at 75 without much experience, you have the right attitude to be a sailor.
    Listen to what everyone has to say, even the nay sayers and filter it all through you reasoning brain and life's experiences. It has to make sense to you or it is not good advice. You don't sound like someone who is easily intimidated, that is your strength.
    Good luck.

    - Will (Dragonfly)

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  17. rpludwig


    Joined May 23, 2016
    498 posts, 257 likes
    Catalina 22 #12502
    US BSC
    you mentioned you've read most every sailing book, if you happened to have missed it, pick up a copy of The ASA's "Sailing Made Easy". Great starter read and reference. Covers most anything you will need to know.

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  18. Alansails


    Joined Oct 3, 2011
    556 posts, 64 likes
    Anam Cara Catalina 310 Hull #155
    US Lake Erie/Catawba Island
    Welcome, Lots of great advice here, I did not start until I was 40 and that was in a Catalina 22!
    I started out crewing with others and that taught me a lot, But Like Captain Ron said "If its gonna happen, It will happen out there", GET ON THE BOAT and get out, she will tell you when you are doing wrong-But file a float plan, tell someone you are going out, if you do not take someone with you.
    ALWAYS WEAR A LIFE JACKET and have a handheld VHF with you!
    Have Fun and welcome to a great sport!

  19. AlastairLC


    Joined Jan 2, 2017
    266 posts, 57 likes
    O'Day 322
    US Lake Pleasant
    One of the sailors in the upcoming Golden Globe single-handed, non-stop, around the world, 35’ sloop, no-electronics race is 72! (But then he’s circumnavigated five times before.) Age is just a number. Go for it!

  20. JimInPB


    Joined Aug 22, 2017
    866 posts, 240 likes
    Hunter 212 & 170
    us West Palm Beach
    I don't know what kind of air beaters you flew, but if they were anything like the Hughes 269 that I used to fly, then sailing a C-22 should be a relaxing experience for you. Handling a tiller & a main sheet is a lot simpler than keeping a cyclic, rudder & collective balanced.

    The easiest way to learn is by going out with someone who already knows how to sail, but a guy with your experience should be able to figure it out for himself if that is not a viable option. I would start by picking a day with winds in the 5-10 knot range, motor out to an open area with no other traffic, turn the boat to have the bow pointing into the oncoming wind, put up just one sail at first & then get the feel of the boat in a reach, a run & close hauled. I would practice coming about several times & once you feel fully comfortable with that, try a gibe. Don't be in a rush. If it takes you several days of practice before trying the gibe, then that's what it takes. The gibe is the dangerous move, if not done correctly or if done in high winds, so don't push yourself on that one, especially single handed. When you are good with all that, put up the second sail & get the feel of the boat in that configuration. One guy handling two sails & a rudder will leave you wanting to have your lines running to a central location. If the boat is not already set up that way, then you might need to add a little hardware to reroute a few things. If at any time, you feel the boat heeling more than you want it to, either let out your sails or turn the boat up towards the oncoming wind a little, until your sails start to luff a bit.

    I'll assume that your reading included the COLREGS, which are the rules of the road for boating. You do want to know about who has right of way when boats meet & things like that. I'll also assume that your reading has told you to have the centerboard down before you put a sail up. The other super basic thing to know is that your rudder will have no effect until you have a little bit of boat speed. Please forgive me if I am stating the obvious. I don't know what books you read.

    I wrote this before reading the other responses. I now see that I duplicated a lot of advice that was already given. Sorry about that.

    Last edited: Apr 17, 2018
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