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New Home-built cuddy doors

Discussion in 'Day Sailers' started by Atkinso2, Jul 9, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Atkinso2


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    Oday Daysailer II
    US Lake Carmi
    I just final fitted and trimmed my new cuddy door setup. I made it out of tongue and grooved cedar, and am happy with how it turned out so far. I need to take it apart, final sand it, add the aluminum cap, and oil it. I can take some more pictures, and do any dimensions that anyone would like. I made it so the pieces can be flipped to allow for accessory mounts on the middle two pieces. Specifically I wanted to be able to mount my phone, waterproof speaker, solar charger, and cup holders. It is not totally sealed on the sides as the shape of the hull is slightly curved, for now I'm leaving it open to allow for airflow, but I may close that and put some louvered vents in the bottom board instead.

  2. MitchM


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    US Erie PA
    nice ! i like the idea of cedar because it's light and easy to work. i might steal that idea for my drop in screened hatch boards. thanks !

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