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Need a pre-sale Survey

Discussion in 'Ask All Sailors' started by, Jun 13, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ


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    Hi all,
    I found the boat to replace the one I lost to a launching accident and need a referenced Surveyor to make sure all is okay.

    The boat is on the hard in Manhasset, Long Island, NY. So, someone local is preferable, who will not charge me a fortune. Funds are limited.

    I also need someone to deliver the boat from there to Sheepshead Bay, NY since I am not able to do it and would prefer the Surveyor's Company to do it. The waters from Long Island Sound, down the East River to the NY Bight can be treacherous for anyone not familiar with the route and on a boat they don't know.

    So, since I'm not asking too much, if there's anyone who can refer a Company for me, it would be really appreciated. I need to get back on the water.

    Thank you in advance and Happy Sailing

  2. BigEasy


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    US Slidell, LA
    Happy to hear that you’re close to being whole again. Hope the survey & sea trial are favorable.

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  3. Alansails


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    Our 310 treasurer, Curt Sawyer is in that area and he maybe a resource, on the forum he is sawyercurt.


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    Catalina 30 MKIII
    US Varuna Boat Club
    Thank you. I hope so too.

  5. Pirate Dave

    Pirate Dave

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    us Clinton CT
    Accredited Marine Surveyors in Guilford CT. Jim can probably move the boat for you as well

  6. jssailem


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    Congrats on the find Hope you have a good survey. Best time to be a boat owners is when the sea trial and the survey are all good news.

    At least one of the best times.

  7. Jackdaw


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    Expect to pay 16 to 22 dollars a foot LOA for a survey. Add $200-400 if it needs to be hauled to have the bottom and prop/shaft/etc examined.


    Joined Sep 25, 2008
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    Catalina 30 MKIII
    US Varuna Boat Club
    Thanks. I may have one local. I will keep him in mind, just in case.


    Joined Sep 25, 2008
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    Catalina 30 MKIII
    US Varuna Boat Club
    Thanks Jack. It seems like the going rate for small boats in this area is $15.00/ft. if it's local. I have one on the hook now. Thanks for the info.

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  10. jviss


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    US Westport, MA
    That's an interesting metric. I paid by the hour and expenses (car travel), for the survey inspection, sea trials, and report writing. The rate (I received a courtesy discount via a referral) and it came to 18 hours.

  11. Mickstr


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    Moving the boat yourself would be a great experience! Just grab a favorable tide down the East River and it's a wonderful trip! I've done it in a 272 and 322 several times, being mindful of weather and tides, and it's a wonderful ride.

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