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My quest to stop deck leaks

Discussion in 'The Cherubini Hunters' started by sailnc, Sep 11, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. sailnc


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    Hunter 37C
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    Greetings from New Bern, fellow Cherubinians!

    I’ve been making slow but steady progress in my quest to eliminate deck leaks on our 37C. I've tightened all of the toerail bolts, rebedded the chainplates, and replaced gaskets and lenses in the portlights, and this has helped significantly. I no longer have to leave an array of pots and pans to catch drips when we are away from the boat.

    The remaining leaks are more sneaky. For example, a bit of water comes in behind the breaker panel. It gets there via a hole in the ceiling where some wiring is run (to cabin lights etc.), so water must be entering via the cabinhouse deck. It also drips through the aft cabin ceiling light fixture. Some candidates, based on my reading here, would be the companionway cover or the teak grab rails. Rainwater is likely entering one of those areas and following the cabin ceiling to its escape route.

    So where exactly is the leak-prone area of the companionway cover? Is it in the track on which the plexiglass slider moves? Or the fixed fiberglass hood that goes over it? If I remove the spray hood will it be pretty obvious?

    Another minor leak source is the small Bomar overhead hatch over the galley. I think this is simply needing new gasket material… it appears to be a foam rod maybe around 1/2” diameter (hard to tell, as it is deteriorated). Any thoughts on finding replacement?

    As always, thanks for your help and motivation!

  2. Ken Cross

    Ken Cross

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    No experience with your particular model, but ours had leaks under the traveler supports. I had to use an impact driver to loosen the screws, then used butyl tape to seal it. Our job tracks also leaked, it was the same story. We also had leaking jib tracks. On each of these, there is an aluminum piece buried in the fiberglass that the screws thread into. Once again an impact screwdriver to break them loose, then I used a cordless drill to remove the (seemed like thousands of them) screws. I had to use a tap to clean up the threads before resetting the screws. I also used anti-seize to reduce galling due to stainless screws threading into aluminum. I also used a countersink to enlarge the pocket for sealant.

    Here is a link that Main Sail was kind enough to post for us. He's right on this.


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  3. Jim Legere

    Jim Legere

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    You are certainly nailing the major sources. The dorade boxes are a known source, as is the wood surround around the companionway (where you slide the weather boards in). If you have a later H37C with the traveler on the cabin top, I would also suspect that. The chainplates and the ports (where bedded in the cabin sides) are a major source of leaks, but it sounds like you are on those. And anywhere a screw penetrates the deck - handrails, eyebrow trim, mast partners, etc. - is suspect.

  4. ggrizzard


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    Not sure of the term "Rod", but if your hatch is like my Bomar hatches, the foam wx stripping/gasket is available here at the SBO store.

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