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Mast reinforcement plate ?

Discussion in 'Smaller Boats' started by jbreland, Mar 12, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. jbreland


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    This question is for anyone but hopefully Dave will see it since he knows everything there is to know about these boats. But anyone feel free to answer..
    Im looking at a Hunter 26 to buy. at the base of the mast where the lift pole goes in to raise the mast it looks like the mast got away from someone and the pole kind of ripped the reinforcement plate out around the hole where the pole goes in. It sort of elongated the hole, but tore it also... All damage seems to be contained to the plate though. Hunter sells a mast lift pole reinforcement plate. would this be a fairly easy repair ? possibly as simple as drilling out the rivets and replacing the plate and re-riveting. The mast lift pole reinforcement plate that I'm looking at on hunters site is this the correct part to fix this ? there is no picture of the part on hunters site....
    sorry for the picture don't have any editing software here and its the best crop I could get mast lift pole plate.png
    thanks James

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  2. Jimmy


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    F508ED46-2871-4D05-A999-79CE14434565.jpeg This is how mine is previous owner said it works fine I have only raised mast once seems to be ok FB8551DE-C7C5-4142-8CBB-4FB536391E2F.jpeg

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    Send a private message with better shots and one taken looking inside that hole at an angle to see if any damage to mast itself. I will talk with you and advise and then as always repot back here