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Mast head sheave

Discussion in 'Ask A Hunter Owner' started by Jimmy, Mar 4, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Jimmy


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    Im going to get this great boat H26 on the water soon I hope. It seems like every thing I check needs replaced so I ordered mast head sheave jib sheave box from sbo store as I always do. They’re great I don’t know what I would do without them. So, question the old mast head sheave is bigger with pic attached. Which should I use? Jib sheave seems to be the same size 05936053-9971-4F7A-A533-13B9EA5D5233.jpeg

  2. Crazy Dave Condon

    Crazy Dave Condon

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    The owner of the SBO forum and store is a former Hunter employee and they have the build lists of boats. Calll and speak with Dave Groshong at SBO to make sure. These parts come from US Spars depending on the year of the boat as I think your mast is a Z Spar. To be sure, look on the front of the mast for the sticker or sometimes on the side.

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