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Mariner 2+2 deck recore

Discussion in 'Day Sailers' started by andy creighton, Apr 14, 2019. Add this thread to a FAQ

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    Found a soft spot in the fore deck of mt boat last week and decided it was time for a recore before season.

    Turned out to be a much easier project than I expected.

    Started by measuring on top and transferring to a patch about 6x12 underneath. I cut the glass with a vibrating saw and peeled it back with a putty knife.

    The wood underneath was dry and rot free but, being end grain, some of the rings had separated. According the dent I found.
    I cut the soft spot with a razor knife and chiseled the wood out for inspection.
    There were some air bubbles above the wood so I smoothed them out, beveled the edges of the glass with a sander and prepped my patches.

    The patches prepped and epoxied in easily and I wetted the glass fabric in- cabin on a drop cloth before pressing it in place and squeezing out the air. Epoxy holds upside down really well and this went MUCH easier than I expected. I did place a block in against the patch just to be sure it didn't get air underneath before curing.

    Hopefully tomorrow I can add another couple layers of fabric and epoxy, paint Tuesday, and be on the water next weekend.

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