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M25 - Move the Keel Crank?

Discussion in 'Ask A Macgregor Owner' started by Timethief, Oct 31, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Timethief


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    Alright, maybe I'm crazy - been accused of it before - but I was looking at someone's pix (I want to say this is Sumner's fault, but not sure) and they had a very nice step coming into the cabin. That would be fabulous on my boat, but the keel winch handle is right where that step would be. Now, I am aware that the Venture version of my M25 had a different design that allowed for the step, but I am not going to let a little thing like original design on my 30+ year old boat stop me!

    So my thought was to possibly add a SS plate or bar where the winch is now (inside of where the SS plate is in the cockpit), and slide the winch 12"-18" (haven't measured anything yet) to the right (port side), set up a block where the winch used to be (over the keel cable hole) to redirect the keel cable to the winch. I did consider the idea of making my SS plate/bar into a frame (rectangle dropping down left and right of the cockpit), allowing my to remove or change/shorten/modify the bulkhead that provides support for the cockpit sole and supports the weight of the keel when raised.

    So, the first question is Has anyone done this? Why recreate the wheel after all? Second, if not, what am I missing?

    While I'm playing with thoughts (go big or go home, right?), has anyone replaced the keel cable with dyneema? Pros? Cons? And while here, anyone ever consider purchase (2:1)? No, I haven't gone under the boat to check out the keel groove to see if there is enough space for a block in there.

    Technically, I need to decide if this is advisable and if I really want this (yeah, haven't completely sold myself on the idea yet) because it affects the electric rewiring I am doing on the boat (don't plan on putting the panel on the back bulkhead), and I don't really want to do it twice!

    So, thoughts? Comments? Ideas for improvement? Thanks in advance!




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    Maybe it was my step you saw :dancing: If you relocate the winch, the cable will not line up directly to the exit hole. When the keel is down it may put a lot of pressure (or wear) at the point where the cable rubs on the wear "bolt". It might be easier to fabricate a winch handle with an extension on it to go through your proposed step. As far as a dyneema keel cable goes, I've had one for afew years now and have had no problems. I carry a spare and would be easy to replace if I had to. And the cable hum goes away.

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  3. Timethief


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    MacGregor 25
    US Orlando
    Yep! Those were the pictures I saw! Its all your fault!

    You're right - when I move the winch, the cable no longer lines up with the Exit Hole, so the plan is to put a block where the winch used to be (above the Exit Hole), redirecting the cable to the winch, and keeping it aligned. Thoughts?

    I love that you have made the keel cable dyneema, and that it is not an issue. I hadn't thought the cable hum would go away, because a friend of mine has a Precision 23 (shoal keel with a lighter swing keel) with just like a 1/4" line to the cockpit, and it hums. Any idea why the dyneema doesn't hum? Or is it just that slack when you have the keel completely lowered?

    Thanks for the response!


  4. Tsatzsue


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    I replaced the winch on mine. When I did I put a piece of diamond plate aluminum on top of the glass to not only act as the step but sure it up. There is a lot of weight on that anchor point. Good to have the winch where I can dive for it. We have a lot of shallows and rocks in our waters.

  5. timebandit


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