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Looking at a Bristol 24 this weekend

Discussion in 'Bristol' started by colin2010, Oct 25, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. colin2010


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    US Luna Pier, Michigan, USA
    Making a road trip to look at a 1972 Bristol 24 this weekend. Is there any common fail spots I need to pay special attention to? Boat had been on the hard for three years, new shrink wrap every year though. Needs a bottom job and some cosmetic attention but from what her owner of 8 years says it's all hum-drum stuff. Thoughts?

  2. Skipper


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    US Dana Point
    Try posting on "Bristol sailboats" on Facebook.
    Lots of Bristol knowledge there.

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  3. Joe


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    Spreader brackets

  4. Kermit


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    A friend at my former sailing club had one. The foredeck was pretty spongy which must have meant a wet core. That didn’t seem to bother him and he loved his boat. I was impressed with the standing head room in the cabin on a boat that size.

  5. Tarditi


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    Bristol 24
    US Haddonfield, NJ Forked River, NJ
    I've got one myself - let me know what questions you have, but it really depends on what you want to do with it... if you're trying to prepare it for a blue water passage the level of preparation and redundancy is far greater than a weekend cruiser.
    The hull is very strong, but it is not the fastest vessel in the water. It really does stiffen up under wind and I've found it easy to handle short-handed.

  6. colin2010


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    Hunter 25
    US Luna Pier, Michigan, USA
    For the time being it would be a Great Lakes cruiser weekender. Eventually, if I could locate a decent trailer for it I would like to haul it to Florida during the winter months when I'm not working, maybe check out the Caribbean.

    From what I've been told by her current owner, she's lived her whole life on the lakes, was in Chicago from 1972 until 4 years ago she landed in Detroit. He sailed her for a year before he didn't have the time anymore and put her on land, where she's remained, bone dry on the inside might I ad. The current owner rewired her, re-cored a small section of deck, rebuilt the winches and did some other minor cosmetic work. All of which could be good or bad depending on his skill of course. What I do know for sure is that she needs a bottom job, good cleaning, a motor and some cosmetic fiberglass work. Also while under her current owners care he moved the outboard from the well to a outboard bracket, which Im thinking about putting the motor back in the well. I'm pretty sure I can get the boat for very little, possibly nothing, the guy doesn't want to keep paying storage.

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