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Leak under nav table/head bulkhead

Discussion in 'Mid-Size Boats' started by Dean Strong, Aug 14, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Dean Strong

    Dean Strong

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    I've got a 1990 H30, and the port side bulkhead between the head and the nav table is often wet about in inch from the base. The water lines to the head sink looked to be the culprit, since they could leak at the faucet connection, and they enter they ride up against that bulkhead before entering the conduit that runs under the pan and across to the hot water heater and water pump on the starboard side. I replace the faucets and have made sure the connections are tight and are not leaking, but the dampness has returned.

    I thought maybe water between the hull and the pan liner could be escaping when the boat is heeled, but can't find a place where it could exit. There is a limber hole in the pan liner under the floor board adjacent to the area, but everything is dry. I inserted a tube as far as it would go into both the water line chase and the limber hole (which is to the space between the hull and liner), about two feet, and it comes out clean and dry.

    Any ideas?

  2. Ken Cross

    Ken Cross

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    I'd be looking at ports portlights, and other equipment installed overhead for water leaks. Then seal them up with butyl tape. On ours, we had multiple leaks when we got her. Some from the traveler and the jib tracks. If they haven't been re-bedded recently, I'd consider that anyway. Be sure to put a radius on all fastener holes (A countersink works well) to hold more butyl tape. Have a look at mainsail's page:


  3. cdnmurse


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    Those lovely glassed in permanent lexan windows..condensate and rain traps in there..leaks down on table..i cut mine out..shaved off an inch or two of rot and replaced..
    Ill see if i can locate a pic and post