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Kid gets a violin...

Discussion in 'Sailing Motorcyclists' started by Brian D, Jul 26, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Brian D

    Brian D Moderator

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    Lancer 27PS
    US MCB Camp Pendleton, Ca KF6BL
    Hope this works... if not, sorry...
    I don't think you need a facebook account to view this. When the filmelon pops up, just click on "not now" at the bottom of the screen. Just adjust your window and click on the play.


  2. justsomeguy


    Joined Feb 20, 2011
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    Island Packet 35
    US Tucson, AZ/San Carlos, MX
    Hmm, sounds like a violinist mimicking the doppler effect of racing cars or motorcycles.
    No picture/video on this POS iPad 2.

  3. All U Get

    All U Get

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  4. Hardhead


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    That thing has a lot of gears -- Title of the song should be Bat Outa Hell. Yikes.

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