Kansaki Trans Dip Stick problem

Discussion in 'Engines and Propulsion' started by tom.p.brown, May 12, 2019. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. tom.p.brown


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    My trans dip stick broke off leaving the threaded piece in the housing. Any methods to get out. I bought and extractor yesterday but it did not ever seat and slowly began to spin. i stopped to avoid dropping any plastic in trans. thanks tom 2003 hunter 306

  2. BigEasy


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    Seems that a large enough extractor or "easy out" would do the trick.
    You may also try to cut a slot across the face of the broken end that remains in the tranny and use a very large flat blade screw driver to unscrew it. Also, you may try using a small flat blade screw driver and engaging it on the surface close to the threads and tapping it gently with a hammer to rotate the broken piece counter clockwise. Finally, you might try using contact cement to glue the two broken halves together to retrieve it and replace with a new one immediately. Do not get any of the contact cement anywhere near the threads or you will make the situation worse.

  3. Southpaw


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    If the hole is big enough you might get a set of inside pipe wrenches I’ve had luck getting broken off pvc and metal nipples out with them. I think I got my set from Home Depot.

  4. Rick


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    Well when it happened to us, we looked around for some sort of a "Magyver" solution. And er... well, I gently stuck a cork from a wine bottle in and gave a gentle twist. I mean it wasnt a rusted bolt. Damn if it didnt start turning. Then, a half a bottle of wine later, (kidding), the plastic came out. Dont think any got in the tranny, but I figure if any did, its just cork.


  5. MitchM


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    plastic parts on trans fill tubes are notorious for breaking , i've seen it on yanmars too. be sure to grease any threads on the trans fill cap w/ trans oil and not tighten it too tight. the yanmar cap was a 2 month special order, what a p i a. gorilla tape to the rescue.

  6. tom.p.brown


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    the large blade screwdriver worked well. had the cork ready. thank you all. new stick is in after grease and not too tight. tom

  7. Ken13559


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    Has anyone made a metal version of the dip stick? I've gone thru 2-3 pieces of this plastic dip sticks already. Been lucky so far, no parts stuck or dropped into the gear box.


  8. Rick D

    Rick D

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    As I recall, a Hunter owner in Marina del Rey had some made up that he was selling. Check the Hunter Owners Sailboat site on Facebook and look up Bob Atkins. Check here in Parts too.

  9. tom.p.brown


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  10. seadaddler


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    Had one break and got it all out and now just very careful.

  11. heritage


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