Just bought a Catalina 22!

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  1. iamwhatiam


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    So excited! My first boat...just wanted to share. 1988 Catalina 22 Wing Keel w/trailer & 8hp. I'm new to sailing and after a lot of thought, decided it best to start with a smaller boat to gain experience on first. Thought it was funny, as soon as the seller signed over the title to me at the registration office he said, "You just bought a black hole!" with a big grin on his face. Bring it on! :) sailboat1.jpg sailboat2.jpg sailboat3.jpg

  2. Michael Davis

    Michael Davis

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    I agree, a boat is a black hole! May you fill it with many hours of joy!
    Welcome to the forum.

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  3. Tom J

    Tom J

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    Not to worry. That boat looks to be in great shape. Congratulations, and have fun!

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  4. rpludwig


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    Welcome and stick around! He left you two bits of good advice, the second being "no step"! Good looking C22!

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  5. JRT


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    Wing keel 22 with a trailer is pretty neat find. Have fun and keep a positive attitude.

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  6. Grotto


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    Wow!!! Very nice. A C22 (new to owner) on this forum NOT in “she’ll need some TLC” 1000 hours of sanding and some “minor” repairs..... Inconceivable!

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  7. Jim26m


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    Boat and trailer look great. I can't imagine why the PO would make the "black hole" comment. Obviously, he wasn't a true boat guy.

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  8. LakeShark


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    Good looking boat and welcome to the forum. What hull # do you have? I too have a Wing keel and i love it. They are more stable and less maintenance than our swing keel friends. Looking at your pictures it appears that you have the upgraded rudder pintles and gudgeons but your motor mount may take a bit of tweaking to get it straight on the handle again. I did not see a mast crutch in the pictures but I highly recommend the telescoping version as it makes raising the mas so much easier. Also I hope the PO did not lose the ends of those turnbuckles on the mast down the road somewhere. In all it looks like a great boat and all boats are a black hole we put money into but then again so are vacations, DVD's, vehicles, and almost every other luxury in life so don't let that discourage you. Best thing to do is rig her up and get out there on the water. You'll figure out the tweaks you want to make along the way.

    Oh and if your new to sailing and C22 may I recommend the Catalina 22 association. They have a tech manual available for purchase with membership that is hundreds of pages long with pictures on how to fix almost everything on the boat. Using the Tech Manual will save you hours of searching online forums for answers and give you some idea that you may not have even thought about.

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  9. Jacktar


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    First of all all boats are money pits but then most things of value are. You invest to enjoy. You will have many hours of joy with this one, just remember it is a sail boat not a solely a project. Lots of advice on the forum for bumps in the road and Catalina Direct for factory parts, doesn't get much better trust me.

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    Congrats on a nice looking boat. We also have a 1988 Wing Keel #14720. Good luck and enjoy.

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  11. Ron20324


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    I'm sure a selling point to the missus is that the white trailer matches the trim on the house . Good one !

  12. iamwhatiam


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    Thanks! Hull number 4555.
    Yeah, he did make it a point to say to make sure the turnbuckles are screwed on all the way before trailering it. And thanks, will definitely look into the association.

  13. iamwhatiam


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    The owner before the guy I got it from had left the boat sitting for like 20 years or something. So it didn't get used a lot but the whole hull was black with growth from sitting so long. So he refurbished it and also sandblasted and painted the trailer. I have had several friends who spent all their money on a lemon of a boat, and then never even left the dock because they were always repairing something. I didn't want to do the same. Nice to buy a boat that's turnkey ready

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  14. iamwhatiam


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    Not my house, but the seller's. I know his neighbors are glad that he's getting the eyesore out of there though lol

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  15. Tom J

    Tom J

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    Eyesore? What eyesore? I think he needs new neighbors.

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  16. Meriachee


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    If the boat is in 1/2 as decent shape as that trailer, (excepting the bow line) then it's far from an eyesore.

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  17. greg_m


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    As we say in South Africa..."No lekker!"

    Something along the lines of a "non-commital - I'm not envious - but - good for you" well done!

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  18. pclarksurf


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    From my black hole to yours: Welcome.. File_002 (3).jpeg

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  19. Hardhead


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    Congratulations! Good looking boat-

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  20. Gene Neill

    Gene Neill

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    Congratulations! You own a pretty rare model C22, in what looks like exceptionally good condition. You must post more pics when you get her home! :thumbup:

    Your hull number is probably 14555. It's definitely not 4555. If you didn't already know, your model is what Catalina unimaginatively (and unofficially) dubbed the "new design" C22, built between 1987 and 1995. We own #14383. She's also a 1988, nearly identical to yours, except ours is a swing keel.

    A "black hole" ... what a sad thing to feel. Black holes don't radiate joy. A sailboat does. Some people can feel it, some can't. Here's hoping you are one of the lucky ones who can!

    Cheers, and welcome.:beer:

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