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Is the 26x seaworthy enough to make Bahamas crossing?

Discussion in 'Ask A Macgregor Owner' started by Trialsbikeadam, Jan 1, 2019. Add this thread to a FAQ

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    Will Gilmore mentions a larger outboard as a positive for the Mac26x allowing it to make better time in absence of wind. My question is how MUCH better time? I know it is advertised to be able to get up on a plane to 20+ knots. Can it do that in an open rolling ocean with no wind? less than 5knots wind? Or is that on a flat glassy bay or lake? What kind of speed can it make over open ocean with little to no win? I am from Southern California, considering the purchase of the Mac26x to travel (by sail and motor) the 26miles to Catalina Island or Santa Cruz Island. So, I am interested in the question of whether it can power at full speed to Catalina on a calm morning, and make the trip back under sail with winds from 10-25 knots with white caps.

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    Our Mac does 15knts realistically. It could probably be stripped down and with the right conditions get up to 20knts.

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