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Is foam normal?

Discussion in 'Catalina 22' started by java_monkey, Apr 13, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. rpludwig


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    Gene, yup flat all the way to and thru the cabin, and full length cushion included (on our 84), same height from transom to forward bulkhead....that cushion you see under the crib boards is one piece & extends aft, all the way to the "2 story" storage beneath though.... (70's versions may differ). We keep oft used stuff in that stbd laz, life jkts, safety gear, 1st aid, air horn, xtra fire ext, heaving line, etc. Tool box, crib boards, paddles, stow where shown in the pic, and fenders get the space between....all nicely cushioned!

    (that flat continuous space apparently was designed to accommodated the sliding galley, if ordered with one)...


  2. java_monkey


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    Java Monkey Un San Diego
    The starboard lazz does have the shelf with an access point to the stern bilge. On the java monkey that access area is foam filled. I'll be removing the "extra" foam during the week. Im painting topsides today.

  3. Jacomo Sailor

    Jacomo Sailor

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    Mine is an 84 and is built just like Java Monkey's. I believe they came with the cushion if the sliding galley option was not ordered. Mine has the galley, so no room for a cushion, and too tight to be used as a berth anyway. I find the lower portion of the starboard laz to be nearly useless and you have to take everything above it out to access it. Things can also get lost in there and be nearly impossible to retrieve. I really wish the "shelf" (for lack of a better word) ended at the end of the galley, when pushed in, and the remainder was open like the port side. I 'm sure you can tear out all of the foam under the cockpit fairly easily (I would definitely do that), but it will be rather difficult to get all of the foam out of the port locker, and IMO, it's not worth the minimal amount of space you'll gain. Unless it is waterlogged, I would simply epoxy the lid in place and glass over it and call it done.

  4. pclarksurf


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    Ask and you shall receive:

    56101D11-27C3-4BF6-BE14-19D86DFC3638.jpeg AD6F3503-F033-4FFF-9578-173F2FCD7534.jpeg 67798E29-D1E1-4BBD-9B52-2251D9C9E920.jpeg

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  5. java_monkey


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    The whole stern area below deck is truly cavernous and I can imagine stuff disappearing there never to be found. For me its less about the availabile space and more about good airflow which means dry and less stink. For those prone to cruise their 22s for extended periods I could imagine a sizeable freshwater tank sitting below the forward cockpit.

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  6. Gene Neill

    Gene Neill

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  7. Leeward Rail

    Leeward Rail

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    FWIW the website, which is run by the Catalina 22 National Sailing Association, currently has their most recent issue of the Mainbrace magazine available for free download. The current issue has a article on foam in C22's.

    The organization is a great group, and their "Tech manual" is fantastic.


  8. pclarksurf


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    US Kennewick, WA
    Egg Crate maybe? Only challenge might be distance from the Starboard Laz to the bottom of that hole would be Jordanesque.... but very doable from down below. I'll put a tape on it as soon as the boat comes out of storage.

  9. greg_m


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    So.... if a lazarette monkey likes rum punch does a java monkey like coffee latte?

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