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Irwin 37 Sloop - advice!

Discussion in 'Irwin' started by Tamboat, Feb 3, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Tamboat


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    Irwin 37
    Ne New Zealand Nelson
    We are in the process of buying a Ted Irwin 37 sloop [with short bowsprit], and welcome any advice from existing owners - what to look out for, sailing characteristics, availability of spares, modifications, conversion to cutter ... the list is endless.
    Grateful for any help.

  2. svchickadee


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    US Cambridge
    The aluminum fuel tanks glassed in under the cabin sole are likely to corrode due to standing water in the bilge. This happened in the mid 2000s to a 1984 Irwin 41 I owned. The fix is to replace the tanks. The tanks can be pressure tested for integrity but the design and placement of the tanks will eventually lead to a problem.

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  3. gettinthere


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    I believe the 37 has glassed in chainplates. If the deck or toerail penetration caulk gave out (common) water can run down and become trapped inside the glass encapsulation and corrode the stainless steel. They are buried behind cabinetry and it takes a lot to get to. A surveyor wont rip out cabinetry to inspect so you have no way to know unless prior owner did some modifications.

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