Interior forward berth cushions

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    I just purchased a 1978 MacGregor 25 that did not have the forward berth cushions, does anyone have the dimensions so I can have some made?

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    If you're going to hire someone to make them... have them come to the boat and do their own measuring. Fit becomes the craftsman's responsibility at that point.

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    Make some paper or cardboard patterns of the area.
    We have the cushions divided into 3 parts in both boats as there is storage under them and this makes it much easier to get to the storage vs. if they were divided length wise. Also easier to get in and out of the boat and to make the bed up. The seams are placed so that your hips and shoulders are not on the seams. You don't even know they are there. More info on this here ....

    We also made fitted sheets in such a way, where along with the cushions in three pieces, allows you to make the bed...
    ... not in the bed. You put the sheets on the foot piece and slide it forward and proceed with the second and third cushion. Way easier than crawling around up there trying to tuck things under.
    Also the sheets are locked in so that they don't pull out at your feet. More on making the sheets here ....

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    Great information thanks to all who have responded and happy holidays to everyone. Cheers!

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