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Improving macerator installation

Discussion in 'Marine Plumbing and Sanitation' started by Dan_Y, Oct 11, 2015. Add this thread to a FAQ

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    What do the pump specs say for maximum draw height? The macerator pumps shown in posts 17/18 are self priming and can be mounted up to four feet above the bottom of the tank (bottom of the pump-out tube). Diaphragm pumps are so much nicer (quiet) but I know nothing about them other than the one below my shower drain works great and can run dry for "hours". I don't believe the discharge distance matters much in your drawing as long as the discharge line slopes to drain the residual blackwater away from the pump. By the way...where is the waterline? If you pump until the tank is empty, the pump may allow residual water to drain out of the pump head (I would think). Dig into your pump specs. Peggy knows diaphragm pumps and can help and give better advice.

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